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Many federal government employees are looking for second jobs, like in grocery stores or as Uber drivers.

The White House is exaggerating how bad the government shutdown will be for the economy, a group of analysts say

A Bloomberg survey of 30 economists suggests that the negative economic impact of the government shutdown is likely around 0.32 percentage points.
Trump's trade war is already damaging the US economy.

A top economist warns Trump’s China trade war is doing more damage to the US economy than people think

President Donald Trump's trade war is wiping out small American manufacturing and will damage the US economy more than most are expecting, UBS says.
Venice Beach, Los Angeles, vs. London, England.

California’s economy is now the 5th-biggest in the world, and has overtaken the United Kingdom

California's economy grew to $2.747 trillion in 2017, eclipsing the United Kingdom's $2.625 trillion figure and leaving it effectively sixth on the world stage, according to data from the US Department of Commerce.

How much money a DACA repeal could cost every state

A DACA rollback will cause repercussions to the US economy that will be felt in every state.