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A video filmed by US Navy pilots in 2015, showing pilots reacting to a flying object.

The US Navy has finally confirmed that mysterious videos showing pilots spotting UFOs are genuine after years of speculation

A Navy spokesman said that the objects were "unidentified aerial phenomena" and that the Navy wouldn't publicly speculate what the objects were.
Members of Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit One dismantle the F/V Heritage, an abandoned vessel blocking a boat ramp on Adak Island in Alaska, September 2, 2019.

As the US military prepares for a potential showdown with Russia, the Navy’s explosive experts are clearing a path north

This month, Navy divers and explosives experts are in Alaska to practice operating in a tough environment, and they plan to be back.
Sailors from Los Angeles-class fast-attack sub USS Olympia during a swim call at sea.

The US Navy’s oldest nuclear-powered attack sub just finished its final deployment after sailing around the world

The USS Olympia, the Navy's oldest-serving fast-attack submarine, wrapped up 35 years of service with a seven-month, around-the-world deployment.
A map showing some US military bases alongside the possible track of Hurricane Dorian as of early morning on Monday, September 2, 2019.

The US military is scrambling to ready its bases and get planes and ships out of the way of Hurricane Dorian

US Navy ships and US Air Force planes have been sent far from their home bases as Hurricane Dorian draws close to the eastern US.
An undated file photo shows Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos archipelago and site of a major United States military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean leased from Britain in 1966.

See inside Diego Garcia, a secretive US Navy base on British land at the center of a bitter tug-of-war in the Indian Ocean

A remote island in the Indian Ocean houses a secretive, strategically vital US military base, but its future is in doubt.
Sen. John McCain of Arizona shares a laugh with one of his closest friends, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The incredible life of John McCain in photos

The senator was known to buck GOP leadership — earning the nickname "Maverick" — and reach across the political aisle to voice his candid opinions.
US Navy cruiser USS Lake Erie.

China bars US warships from making port call in Hong Kong as tensions mount amid continued protests

The Chinese government has denied the US Navy's requests for port visits to Hong Kong by two US warships. This isn't the first time it's done this.
USS Tripoli

The US Navy is going to be getting another flattop late as new problems pop up at the shipyard

Regardless of whether it's new supercarriers or large aircraft-carrying amphibious assault ships, the Navy can't seem to get either on time.
A Navy SEAL.

A member of SEAL Team 6 has been charged with impersonating multiple people to get nude photos of women

The member of the elite warfighting unit allegedly used a spoofing program to send text messages from fake numbers requesting the photographs.
The USS Boxer (LHD-4) Wasp-class amphibious assault ship sits docked in the port of San Diego, California, April 12, 2015.

Here’s how the Navy picks names for its ships — and how it breaks its own rules to do it

The Navy has rules for naming its ships, but the Secretary of the Navy makes the final decision — so sometimes, it breaks its own rules.