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The amount of flexible office space is the US is expected to grow.

WeWork is the largest ‘flex-space’ operator in the US — and the real estate sector is slated to only keep booming

According to a recent study by CBRE, as of the second quarter of 2019, flexible office space in the US has increased by over 600% since 2010.
Rogelio Huerta and Maria Soto sitting on the steps of their home in Illinois with their two children.

White Americans make up a disproportionate number of US homeowners, and it’s most extreme in New York City

In the New York metro area, white Americans make up less than half the population but own more than half of the area's owner-occupied homes.
The best designed homes of 2019.

The 12 most innovative and beautifully designed buildings in 2019, according to architects

The best designed homes of 2019 were judged on sustainability, affordability, social impact, innovation, and ability to meet specific client needs.