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The market’s favorite recession indicator just flashed its starkest warning since 2007

The yield curve's latest signal has been driven by falling 10-year US Treasury yields, which are at their lowest level since November 2016.

The market’s safest assets have become the world’s most crowded trade — and it shows just how worried everyone is about the trade wa...

Formerly unstoppable mega-cap tech stocks have lost their crown as the world's most crowded position. People have shifted into risk-off mode.

Global stocks plunge after China hints it could unleash a ‘powerful’ trade war weapon

Stocks fell on Wednesday after Chinese newspapers described a ban on rare-earth exports to the US as a "powerful weapon" in the trade war.

China just tested its ‘nuclear option’ in the trade war

China's 'nuclear option' in the trade war is dumping US Treasurys. It just sold $20 billion of them, its largest offloading in more than two years.

A ‘serious hangover’ is about to hit the bond market

The bond market is about to have a pretty bad year.