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A farmer harvests crops in Burlington, IA.

I’m from Ohio — here are 6 things all Midwesterners know to be true

The Midwest has a rep for friendly people, cheap land, and a low-stress lifestyle that differs dramatically from other US regions. Many people are flocking to the Midwest because of its affordable cost of living and relaxed pace. Here's how the Midwest is different than the rest of the country.
Marc Benioff wore an American flag pin on Tuesday at the opening ceremony for Salesforce Tower.

Marc Benioff has taken to wearing an American flag pin — what could it mean?

On Tuesday, one of San Francisco's most visible tech leaders Marc Benioff donned an American flag pin — an accessory far more common in Washington D.C. than Silicon Valley.

RANKED: The 29 richest countries in the world

Size doesn't always mean wealth when it comes to the world's richest countries, according to data published in April by the International Monetary Fund.
UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox.

Why Britain’s vision for post-Brexit trade deals is probably an illusion

Leading trade expert Sam Lowe writes for Business Insider on why global Britain could be an illusion.
Reconnaissance Marines with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s Maritime Raid Force on the USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) jump from a CH-53E Super Stallion during helocast training in the Gulf of Aden, May 28, 2015.

The US is considering sending heavily armed Marines to Asia to counter China

The Pentagon has announced that it is thinking about sending additional Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs) to Asia.

South Korea offers talks with defiant North ahead of Olympics

SEOUL (Reuters) - Sou...
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska.

This US state will pay you $2,000 a year just to live there

Untouched landscapes, natural beauty, and free money are all abundant in Alaska.

Trump to top US diplomat: Don’t bother talking to North Korea

Washington - US President...

China urges restraint amid war of words between Trump and N.Korea

Beijing/Seoul - China on ...