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To refund a game on Steam, you'll need to go to the Steam Support page.

How to change your Steam gaming app’s skin, and give the program an entirely new look and feel

You can change your Steam app's skin — in essence, its appearance — by downloading a file with a new skin, and adding it to your Steam folders.

An ex-Apple engineer created brilliant new iPhone software that would make Apple jealous — take a look

This is one of the coolest iPhone user-interface concepts we've seen.

Critics are calling out Facebook’s new ‘permission screens,’ saying they’re intentionally designed to be confusing

Critics are slamming Facebook for not giving users a clear choice, but instead employing user interface tricks to get people to give it permission.

A top Apple designer says technological change will ‘happen sooner than we think’

"We do have to start thinking about what’s out there a bit further, because that’s going to happen sooner than we think," Alan Dye said last week.

Apple is finally fixing one of the most annoying things about changing volume on the iPhone

Apple has finally redesigned the annoying volume indicator in iOS 11, the next major software update coming to the iPhone and iPad this fall.

Skype just got its biggest update in over a decade as it goes on the defensive against Facebook Messenger

Microsoft's new Skype upgrade changes literally everything about the app.