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FILE PHOTO: March for Reproductive Freedom in Montgomery

Prosecutors in Georgia and Utah say they won’t enforce abortion laws in their states

District attorneys in Utah and Georgia have come forward saying they won't enforce strict new abortion laws in their states, raising legal questions.
In September, a hiker discovered two old coins in Utah's Glen Canyon National Recreation area. The unnamed hiker believes that they are Spanish coins hundreds of years old.

A hiker discovered two coins in the Utah desert — including one that appears to have been minted in Spain 200 years before Columbus set sail for...

The hiker turned the coins over to the National Park Service, which is investigating whether they are real and, if so, how they ended up in Utah.
Michelle Richan

A Utah woman survived a week in the wilderness after her SUV got stuck in the snow

Michelle Richan, 47, got stuck in mud and snow in Park Valley, Utah, on March 19. She wasn't found for seven days.
Sen. Mike Lee on Tuesday dismissed the Green New Deal as "ridiculous."

A GOP senator brought a giant picture of Ronald Reagan riding a dinosaur onto the Senate floor to argue against Democrats’ Green New Deal

"This, of course, is a picture of former President Ronald Reagan, firing a machine gun while riding on the back of a dinosaur."
California is among the most innovative states in the U.S.

These are the 10 most innovative states in the U.S.

There are states outside of California and New York that attract major tech companies because of their innovative ways.
Jessika McNeill and Ryan Osmun at Zion National Park.

A hiker was stuck in quicksand for hours before rescuers could reach him in a Utah national park

Ryan Osmun, of Mesa, Arizona, was hiking in Zion National Park with his girlfriend, Jessika McNeill on Saturday when they hit quicksand.

A hunting group is raffling off the chance to go on a five-day guided elk hunt with Donald Trump Jr., who the organization dubbed ‘the modern-da...

Hunter Nation is selling $10 tickets for a raffle in which the winner will go on a five-day elk hunting excursion with Donald Trump Jr.
From left, Jessica Miller, 38, Diana Hernandez, 30, and Manuel Velasquez, 31.

A real estate agent tried to evict 3 tenants from an apartment. A day later he was found dead in a secret room on their property.

Three people were arrested on Saturday after the body of David Stokoe, 40, was found in a secret room of an apartment in Salt Lake City, Utah.
A composite image of actress Sandra Bullock in Netflix's "Bird Box" (left) and the damage caused after a teenager in Utah drove while blindfolding her eyes as part of the "Bird Box" challenge earlier this week.

17-year-old crashes car while driving with a beanie pulled over her eyes as part of viral ‘Bird Box’ challenge

People have been taking part in the "Bird Box" challenge, inspired by the Netflix show, where they cover their eyes while moving around.

The top 26 states where rich people give away the most money

We ranked US states by how much residents making over $500,000 donated to charity in a year, and the most charitable state will probably surprise you.