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Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is a leading proponent of the discredited conspiracy theory that vaccines are related to autism. He practices medicine at the Northport Wellness Center (right) in Suffolk County, New York.

This New York doctor has been publicly urging parents not to vaccinate their children in the midst of a measles outbreak. Why is he still allowed to p...

A New York pediatrician has opposed vaccines for more than a decade, but continues to practice medicine.
A child is vaccinated for measles and mumps.

77% of Americans believe kids should be vaccinated against measles even if their parents object, poll shows

The news comes amid what public health experts call a "completely avoidable" outbreak of 764 measles cases recorded in the United States this year.
In "Is There a Doctor in the House?" the entire Brady family gets measles. They should try vaccines.

Anti-vaccination activists are citing an old episode of ‘The Brady Bunch’ to prove their point (it doesn’t)

Anti-vaccination activists love a 1969 episode of "The Brady Bunch," which they say shows that vaccines aren't necessary to prevent measles.
A nurse administers a mumps, measles, and rubella vaccination shot.

Even if you got the measles vaccine, you may not be protected against the disease — here’s how to tell

As measles continues to spread across the US, health professionals are urging people to make sure they are protected against the disease.
The government is testing a new kind of flu vaccine.

A vaccine aimed at making you immune to all types of the flu is being given to people for the first time

Researchers are testing a new influenza vaccine that could protect against various strains of the disease so people don't need a new shot every year.
A nurse administers a mumps, measles, and rubella vaccination shot

As more parents join the anti-vax movement, states are scrambling to make it harder to opt out of vaccinating your child

Recent measles outbreaks have reinvigorated the debate over whether parents should — or should not — be able to opt out of vaccinating their children.
An FDA laboratory worker injects an influenza virus into an egg, where it will grow before being harvested.

New guidelines say the flu shot is safe for even more people — including those with egg allergies

Health experts in the US and Canada say flu shots are now considered safe for patients with severe egg allergies, even though the vaccines are grown in eggs.