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Three restaurants (SUR Lounge, TomTom, and PUMP) are featured on "Vanderpump Rules."

I went to 3 restaurants made famous by the show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and one was the best by far

What are the 'Vanderpump Rules' restaurants actually like? We investigated by going to each major restaurant to see which was best.
TomTom season is officially upon us.

We went to the restaurant TomTom made famous by the show ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ and it was surprisingly great

TomTom is the latest restaurant made famous by "Vanderpump Rules." I went to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. Here are all of my thoughts.
Cheating scandals get messy on "Vanderpump Rules."

12 cheating scandals on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ that you should know about before the Season 7 premiere

"Vanderpump Rules" is not without endless drama, and that definitely applies to cheating scandals. Before Season 7, take a trip down memory lane.