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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he eats only one meal a day and fasts all weekend, and people are concerned he might have an eating disorder

Dorsey's odd diet has many worried his unusual eating habits sound like an eating disorder.
Taco Bell has some great vegan fast-food menu items.

The 21 best vegan and vegetarian menu items from America’s biggest fast-food chains, from Taco Bell to McDonald’s

Fast-food chains like Taco Bell, Starbucks, and McDonald's are adding more vegan and vegetarian options to the menu.

Tatcha’s new $70 moisturizer kept my skin hydrated and dewy for over 8 hours — if it’s in your budget, it’s worth the cost

Tatcha, the cruelty-free Japanese skin-care company, recently dropped a cream version of the celebrity-favorite Luminous Dewy Skin Mist — and it works wonders.
The brand is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its unofficial holiday.

Ben & Jerry’s is giving away free ice cream cones for one day — here’s how to get one

Ben & Jerry's ice cream enthusiasts can visit their local shop from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9, to get a scoop of their choice for free.

15 faux-leather tech accessories that look just like the real thing

Vegan leather has become increasingly popular, even as it relates to tech. We rounded up 15 great faux-leather tech accessories to keep your devices protected.

Hungryroot’s plant-based meal delivery service helps me assemble healthy meals in under 10 minutes

Hungryroot is the plant-based meal delivery service that does the heavy lifting for you so you can make healthy, clean meals at home in under 10 minutes.
Taco Bell is a top fast-food destination for vegetarians.

Fast-food customers are desperately seeking vegetarian and vegan options — here are the chains they’re searching for the most

The fast-food industry is working to win over vegetarian and vegan customers with new meatless menu items.
Enjoy some Dole Whip soft serve at Disneyland.

16 foods at Disney parks that you didn’t know were vegan

From Dole Whip soft serve to Mickey Mouse pretzels, Disney World and Disneyland are filled with tasty vegan-friendly treats.
Ben & Jerry's has a vegan option.

8 of the best vegan ice creams you can buy at the grocery store

If you've never had vegan ice cream, you may not know just how yummy it can be. We rounded up some of the best.
This pulled "pork" sandwich actually features sautéed banana peels.

A vegan food blogger’s recipe using banana peel as a pulled ‘pork’ substitute is dividing the internet, but it’s not as uncomm...

Vegan food blogger Melissa Copeland recently went viral for sharing a recipe for vegan pulled "pork" that incorporated banana peels.