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There are plenty of vegan options for Thanksgiving.

9 vegan desserts to bring this Thanksgiving

The holidays can be tough if you are vegan, but there are some great vegan options that you can bring to your Thanksgiving meal.
Lewis Hamilton.

These 19 elite athletes are vegan — here’s what made them switch their diet

From Venus Williams and Lewis Hamilton to Colin Kaepernick and David Haye, these athletes credit being at the top of their game to a vegan diet.
It's possible to eat low-fat vegan foods.

12 of the best low-fat vegan foods to add to your diet

Eating vegan isn't easy. And it gets even harder when you're trying to follow a low-fat vegan diet. To help you out, INSIDER spoke to experts to find out the best low-fat vegan foods.
There are a surprising amount of things that are vegan.

10 foods you didn’t realize were vegan

Going vegan sometimes means giving up a lot of your favorite foods. But, there are some foods that are surprisingly naturally vegan.
IKEA's veggie dog was surprisingly delicious, and only cost $0.75.

IKEA has a new vegan hot dog that’s taking off with customers — here’s what it tastes like

IKEA just introduced a vegan hot dog to the menu of its store bistros in the United States. The veggie dog, which launched in IKEA's European locations in August, officially launched in its US stores on Tuesday. We went to IKEA and tried it — here's what we thought.
Smarties are vegan.

13 popular Halloween candies you didn’t realize are vegan

There are plenty of vegan-friendly sweets for trick-or-treaters to enjoy this Halloween. From Smarties to Jolly Ranchers, here's a list of popular Halloween candy that's also vegan.

A burger joint in Singapore is serving plant-based meat backed by Bill Gates – here’s what it really tastes like

The world's only plant-based burger with patties that look, cook and supposedly taste like real meat have officially hit town.
More and more colleges in the US are offering vegan options.

Two-thirds of colleges in the US now offer vegan meals — here are 10 of the most vegan-friendly campuses

Two-thirds of colleges in the country are now offering vegan meals on campus, according to peta2's 2018 Vegan Report Card. From the University of Florida to Northwestern University, check out ten of the most vegan-friendly colleges in the US.
White Castle's Impossible Burger sliders are one of the best vegan fast-food choices out there.

We compared the best vegan options from 7 fast-food chains — and the winner was clear

Vegan fast food isn't easy to come by, but there are a handful of good options available at popular chains like Taco Bell and Burger King. We tried some surprisingly delicious vegan meals from popular fast-food chains — here's how they rank.
Taco Bell is one of the best fast-food chains for vegans, but some of its offerings are a lot better than others.

Taco Bell has a surprisingly great selection of vegan foods — these are the best options

Taco Bell is likely the best fast-food chain for those on a vegan diet. Here's how some of the most popular vegan items from the chain rank.