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How this CEO went from working on visual effects for the Harry Potter movies to starting a software company

Employee feedback platform Culture Amp has raised $40 million in a series D funding round led by Blackbird Capital. CEO Didier Elzinga started the company in 2009 after 13 years at a visual effects company that worked on movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates talks with a colleague before the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. May 6, 2017.

Bill Gates and a group of investors are backing a $30 million ‘venture philanthropy’ fund to tackle Alzheimer’s

Bill Gates and a group of philanthropists are sinking $30 million into the Diagnostics Accelerator, a "venture philanthropy" fund to develop early diagnostic procedures and bring them to market quickly.
Openpath founders Alex Kazerani and James Segil

This office security startup wants to kill the keycard

Openpath, which just raised $20 million, lets employees enter the office with their phones — and claims it can do it without any glitches or hiccups.
A worker sorts marijuana buds at Flow Kana's new manufacturing facility in Mendocino County.

A craft marijuana brand has raised a total of $50 million from VCs including an early Facebook investor — here’s why it’s a big deal...

Flow Kana, a craft marijuana brand, has closed a $22 million round of financing to scale the supply chain across California. Combined with earlier funding from Roger McNamee, an early Facebook investor who served as an advisor to Mark Zuckerberg, the raise brings its total funding to $50 million.
Bird founder and CEO Travis VanderZanden

The overhyped scooter company that raised $400 million in 4 months is an example of everything that’s wrong with Silicon Valley

Electric scooter company Bird has raised so much money so fast that its venture capitalist investors are left defending their investment choice. Despite their exuberance, electric scooters look like a niche transportation choice at best.
CEO and founder AJ Shankar

This fast-growing startup just got $25 million from Silicon Valley investors to help lawyers everywhere save time and win more cases

Everlaw has raised $25 million from Andreessen Horowitz and says it will continue to invest in artificial intelligence.

Here are the top 3 qualities you need to succeed, according to a high school dropout who became a venture capitalist at one of Silicon Valley’s ...

Cyan Banister dropped out of high school as a teenager to work full time. Now, she manages multi-million dollar deals for Peter Thiel's venture firm, Founders Fund.
Sequoia's Global Managing Partner Doug Leone.

The largest venture-capital fund in Silicon Valley history has raised a whopping $6 billion to take on global competitors

Sequoia Capital has raised $6 billion to take on SoftBank. It's the largest fund in Silicon Valley's history.

Jay-Z has quietly filed paperwork to launch an investment firm that may be named after his childhood home

Along with Walden Venture Capital managing director Lawrence Marcus and Roc Nation president Jay Brown, Jay-Z, otherwise known as Shawn Carter, is creating another fund, called Marcy Venture Partners.
Chamath Palihapitiya.

Ex-Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya’s VC firm just lost 3 partners in 2 weeks, and it signals more changes to come

Social Capital is bleeding top investment partners. The venture firm, run by former early Facebook executive and tech investor Chamath Palihapitiya, has lost three partners in two weeks. Palihapitiya says the firm will shift focus away from new growth opportunities and onto "proven winners."