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Dita Von Teese performs on stage during the Life Ball 2019 show at City Hall on June 08, 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

Inside the Life Ball, the HIV/AIDS charity event filled with supermodels, drag queens and fashion that rivals the Met Gala

The Life Ball, held in Vienna, is one of Europe's largest charity events. It has raised $34 million to fight HIV/AIDS over the past 26 years.

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The best places to visit in December include the "Hamptons of South America," and a European capital filled to the brim with Christmas markets.

This ordinary-looking coffee shop is a secret hipster paradise that sells $300 life-size photos and 200 smell vials you can sniff at your leisure

Hidden in one of Vienna, Austria's hip districts is Supersense, a cafe/store where everything vintage — from Polaroids to typewriters — is brought back to life.

Here’s what couples look like when they sleep—in surreal time-lapse photos

"The Sleep of the Beloved" by Paul Maria Schneggenburger features intimate and surreal images.

The 10 most reputable cities in the world

"Not for being big or strong, but for being livable your reputation increases."

Here’s why coffee is such an important part of the culture in Vienna

Even the Austrian emperor would attend a café opening.