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Jay Wright coaching the Villanova Wildcats.

The Knicks are reportedly trying to lure Jay Wright — the hottest coach in college basketball — for their head coaching job

The Knicks think Jay Wright is the man to rebuild a franchise that hasn't made the playoffs since 2013.

The 2018 ‘One Shining Moment’ video is another moving look back at March Madness

"One Shining Moment" was written by David Barrett and you can find the lyrics at the bottom of this post.

Villanova wins national championship in dominating fashion, thwarting Michigan’s late run with back-to-back 3s and a wink

Villanova dominated Michigan over the final 30 minutes and thwarted a mini-run in the second half with back-to-back 3-pointers and a wink.

A dad used Legos to recreate the dramatic ending to the 2016 NCAA basketball tournament as a gift for his daughter

Villanova won the 2016 NCAA men's basketball tournament and that moment has now been immortalized in a stop-motion video of using Lego figures.

Villanova is the first 1-seed to get knocked out of the NCAA Tournament in huge upset

Villanova is out of March Madness after 8-seed Wisconsin came back to beat the defending champs, 65-62, in the second round.

Here are the most popular Final Four picks in tournament brackets

The Kansas Jayhawks are the most popular Final Four pick.

The family of Kris Jenkins and Nate Britt — the adopted brothers playing for Villanova and UNC — had fantastic reactions to the championsh...

Felicia Jenkins, Kris Jenkins' mother, and the Britts, the birth parents of UNC's Nate Britt and the adopted parents of Kris, all celebrated with joy.

Villanova coach Jay Wright explains his absurdly calm reaction to his team’s insane buzzer-beater

Villanova head coach Jay Wright didn't crack a smile after his team hit a buzzer-beater to win the NCAA Championship. After the game, he explained why.

The Villanova player who hit the incredible buzzer-beater to win the NCAA Championship wasn’t even supposed to take the final shot

On Tuesday, Jenkins was a guest on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" and explained that the winning play is one his team runs often.

Charles Barkley had an incredible reaction to Villanova’s stunning buzzer-beater

Among the many great reactions to Villanova's epic buzzer-beating win, Charles Barkley's might just top them all.