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A man who works for a government official just confessed to being in a sex video with a Malaysian minister: Here’s what we know

In a series of short videos that made rounds on social media, two men - one resembling the alleged minister - can be seen engaging in intimate acts.
"Trade War," a song written by a former Chinese official, has gone viral on popular Chinese mobile messenger WeChat and microblogging site Weibo.

‘If the perpetrator wants to fight, we will beat him out of his wits’: Song about ongoing trade war with the US goes viral in China

The musical score was written by retired Chinese official Zhao Liangtian, and it was posted in a group on the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat.

Milo sent a truckload full of the chocolatey drink to a pregnant Malaysian woman whose in-laws chased down a Milo truck to satisfy her cravings

The video of the Milo truck chase has since gained more than 622,000 views and 43,000 retweets.

We can’t stop watching this chimpanzee, who uses Instagram even better than a teen

The video of a chimpanzee scrolling through Instagram has already gotten almost 1.5 million views.

Advertising firm owner charged with assaulting security supervisor at Roxy Square

He allegedly punched a guard, knocking him to the ground.
Video posted on Instagram shows a person wearing a white rabbit costume raining blows on a man

Video shows Easter Bunny repeatedly punching a man in Florida street brawl that gets broken up by police

In the video, a person in a white rabbit suit rains blows on a man who was being attacked by a woman outside a nightclub.
Sometimes, you just need to dance in your new house.

A wild Australian real estate advert went viral after viewers noticed the house had a direct view from the bathroom to the kitchen

After facing ridicule online, estate agents LJ Hooker Bankstown removed the video from social media and admitted that they'd "missed the mark."
"Hawaiian shirt guy" in action.

Twitter lovingly nicknamed two men ‘Hawaiian shirt guy’ and ‘2×4 guy’ after they heroically tackled a suspected arsonist ...

Two men are being called heroes after tackling a suspected arsonist. Twitter affectionately nicknamed them "Hawaiian shirt guy" and "2x4 guy."

A Saudi flight was forced to turn around after a passenger realized her baby wasn’t on it

Footage of the conversation between air traffic control and the pilot making the bizarre request to return has since gone viral.