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A photographer captured the exact moment a squirrel stopped to smell a daisy.

A photographer captured the exact moment a squirrel stopped to smell a daisy

Photographer Dick Van Duijn told Insider he knew after he took the shot that it was "the picture of a lifetime."

Meet ‘Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn,’ a rescue puppy born with an extra tail on his face

Narwhal is an adorable 10-week-old puppy that looks more like a unicorn thanks to an extra tail sprouting out of his face.
Andee Krasinski holds her own dog, Mr. Boog Dinkleton, while members of her wedding party hold rescue puppies.

A wedding party held rescue puppies instead of bouquets, and the photos are even more adorable than you could imagine

A local shelter provided the wedding party with 5-week-old puppies, and each pup wore a tiny flower crown.
A California couple smoked from "Mr and Mrs" bongs on their wedding day.

A couple’s smoke-filled wedding photos show them taking their ‘first toke’ as newlyweds out of ‘Mr and Mrs’ bongs

A cannabis blogger who goes by the name Coral Reefer and her husband Mio celebrated their marriage by having a "first toke" before saying "I do."
The letter traveled over 3,000 miles in nine years.

A teen received a response to a message in a bottle he wrote 9 years ago after it traveled over 3,000 miles

The bottle, which was placed into the ocean on a beach in Rockport, Massachusetts, was found off the coast of France.
A travel influencer has gone viral for kissing strangers in front of landmarks for romantic photos.

An Instagram influencer kisses strangers in front of iconic landmarks to create romantic travel photos

Kristiana Kuqi's pictures are now going viral on Twitter, where she's being hailed as a "legend" and an inspiration for solo travelers everywhere.

A master suite with an ‘open-concept’ bathroom that has no doors — or privacy — is asking for $1,200/month in rent

People took to Twitter to share confusion about an "open-concept" bathroom featured in a Facebook rental listing.

Behind the rise of TikTok stars Angel Mamii and John Dees, who met through the app 8 months ago and have rewritten the rulebook for viral fame

Angel Mamii and John Dees are rising stars of TikTok — since September, their surreal videos have racked up tens of millions of views.
Justin Bieber recently admitted to not liking the Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Justin Bieber says the Popeyes chicken sandwich is ‘not worth the hype’

On Thursday night, Justin Bieber finally tried the wildly popular chicken sandwich from Popeyes, but he wasn't impressed.
Zeena Hernandez and Lisa Yang took their unity ceremony to new heights when they lifted a 253-pound barbell together on their wedding day.

2 brides lifted a 253-pound barbell together after exchanging vows to celebrate their marriage

The photo of Zeena Hernandez, 27, and Lisa Yang, 28, lifting the barbell together in their wedding dresses has since gone viral.