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A man called off his wedding because his fiancée accidentally almost killed his dog

She allowed the dog to ingest "large amounts of alcohol and chocolate edibles," which left the man so "disgusted" he couldn't even look at her.

Delta Airlines told its employees to put their money toward video games instead of union dues

As a part of its "Don't Risk It. Don't Sign It" anti-union campaign, Delta Airlines encouraged employees to buy video games instead of unionizing.
Ahmad Rahman, 5, dances after receiving a new prosthetic leg.

Adorable video shows an Afghan boy who lost his leg from a landmine dancing after receiving a prosthetic limb

In a heartwarming video, 5-year-old Ahmad Sayed Rahman gleefully reacts and dances after receiving a prosthetic leg at an Afghan orthopedic center.
An action shot.

A snake struggled to escape from an alligator’s jaw — and the pictures are amazing

An alligator was photographed with a snake in its jaw. The animals proceeded to fight each other. This, of course, happened in Florida.

The internet is up in arms over a ‘vegan lasagna’ that appears to just be a very large salad

A viral Twitter photo shows a "vegan lasagna" that the user's co-worker brought into the office, but that many argue is simply a stacked salad.
Hannah and Austin at prom.

A high school student planned an elaborate promposal — but then he asked the wrong girl

Austin Mousa had a plan to ask his friend Hannah Masluk to prom. Then he went to the wrong house and asked the wrong girl — and it's all on tape.
Kaylah Bell before prom with her grandfather Alvin Hackett.

A California teen didn’t have a date for prom, so her grandfather stepped in — and their matching outfits have gone viral

It was a total surprise, which left Kaylah Bell feeling "blessed" and "loved."

‘This is Us’ creator Dan Fogelman shared a touching story of meeting ‘Game of Thrones’ author George R. R. Martin at a Broadwa...

In a Twitter thread shared on Sunday, Dan Fogelman the creator and writer of "This is Us" shared how he met George R. R. Martin after a Broadway play.
Ashlin, starring in the music video.

Watch a 7-year-old girl living with end-stage renal disease fulfill her dream of starring in a music video

Make-A-Wish Wisconsin granted 7-year-old Ashlin her wish: to star in a viral music video. The 3-minute video is set to "Best Time Ever."
Stills from various programs were used.

People are furious over a ‘The World Is Ours’ Discovery promo that features almost exclusively men

On Wednesday, Discovery posted a promo titled "The World Is Ours" on Twitter. It mostly featured men. Almost a full week later, it went viral.