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The groomsmen were not prepared for the photobomb that would take the internet by storm.

A ‘Scooter Girl’ photobombed a wedding party’s photos, and the internet can’t get enough of her sassy entrance

After an exhaustive Facebook search for "Scooter Girl," the wedding party and their photobomber were reunited.
Niu Nai has different-colored eyes.

An ‘odd-eyed’ cat with a genetic condition that makes her eyes different colors is stealing the internet’s heart

Niu Nai has become an Instagram star in China and beyond. Her owner Clare Zheng spoke exclusively to INSIDER about social media's new favorite feline.
Snowball, the cockatoo.

A cockatoo named Snowball taught itself how to dance — and it knows 14 unique moves

Snowball, a cockatoo, first went viral for its dance moves in 2007. Now, scientists believe he's taught himself 14 distinct moves.
The original poster later tweeted photos that show them them with receipts to seemingly prove they purchased the mouthwash from Walmart after the stunt.

Walmart shopper films themself gargling mouthwash, spitting it back into a Listerine bottle, and putting it back on store shelves in viral stunt

Sources close to Walmart confirmed to INSIDER via surveillance tape that the prankster did, in fact, purchase the Listerine.
What do you see?

A new optical illusion on Twitter has people mistaking a car door for the beach

According to the Twitter user who posted it, "artists" can see the beach and its scenery, while others just see a broken door.
The herd crowded around him as he played favorites like "Isn't She Lovely," "Careless Whisper," and "Tequila."

Dad serenades herd of cows to practice with his new saxophone, captivating them with ‘Careless Whisper’ and ‘Isn’t She Lovely&...

Rick Herrmann has only been playing the saxophone for seven months, but he already has a whole herd of supporters.
TikTok is producing some of 2019's top memes.

How to use TikTok, the short-form video app Gen Z loves and that’s ushering in a new era of influencers

Here's how to navigate TikTok — from tracking the latest viral memes, to following the newest crop of influencers, and creating your own short video.
Sam's resignation using a condolence card has gone viral.

A man resigned from his job by giving his boss a ‘sorry for your loss’ card, and people are loving it

"My last day at work is the 28th July. Thinking of you at this difficult time," the inside of the card read.
Keani Babas says her boyfriend Peter Vincent helpfully labeled her false eyelashes "left" and "right" when she took them off while drunk one night.

A woman’s boyfriend is being hailed a ‘keeper’ after he saved her false lashes and labeled them ‘left’ and ‘right&...

Keani Babas told INSIDER that she and her boyfriend Peter Vincent had been out for a friend's birthday when she took off her false lashes.
Chris Evans was "Tyler" in Mystery Date.

Before Chris Evans was Captain America he was ‘Tyler’ in ’90s board game Mystery Date, and the internet can’t handle the reali...

"I think you have some explaining to do 'Tyler ...'" Twitter users can't believe Chris Evans was a surfer dude in the '90s dating game Mystery Date.