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The flu virus is contagious, especially in the first four days after you get it.

The flu is highly contagious, especially in the first 4 days

The flu is contagious until your temperature has returned to normal and you've been without a fever for at least 24 hours.
"Final Fantasy VII Remake" is one of the biggest PlayStation 4 games of 2020, and it was scheduled to be shown at PAX East 2020.

PlayStation is skipping a major video-game conference because of ‘increasing concerns’ over the coronavirus outbreak

Sony's PlayStation group is pulling games and staff from the year's first major gaming convention because of the coronavirus outbreak.
Your cold may be contagious for up to a week, so make sure you take a few days before returning to work.

A cold can be contagious for 5 to 7 days, or until symptoms fade

A cold is most contagious for the first 3 days after the virus enters your body, but you can generally spread it as long as you have symptoms.

Universiti Malaya says volunteers agreed to help with Chinese quarantine – but students claim it was like working in a ‘concentration camp...

The Student Union is now demanding a public apology from the school and a guarantee that it will cover all medical costs if volunteers contract the virus.
From left, a worker setting up beds at a stadium to convert it into a makeshift hospital, a man disinfecting a woman arriving at a hotel for isolated people, and a still from a video of a woman going outside in an inflatable costume — all in Wuhan, China.

China’s unprecedented quarantine of 11 million people in Wuhan is 3 weeks old. Here’s what it’s like in the isolated city.

Being sprayed with disinfectant in streets, making memes, getting temperature checks, and trying to speak out are parts of daily life in Wuhan.
Medical staff members with a patient in Wuhan, China.

Europe just had its 1st death from the coronavirus after a Chinese tourist died in France

The death is the first from the coronavirus out of Asia, and authorities around the world are trying to stop the deadly virus from spreading further.
A woman rides an escalator at an underpass leading to a subway station in Beijing.

A new study reveals early warning signs of the coronavirus. But it’s taking a week for Wuhan patients with symptoms to be admitted to a hospital...

If patients aren't hospitalized or isolated during the first week of their symptoms, the virus could spread.
Chinese President Xi Jinping inspects the novel coronavirus prevention and control work at Anhuali Community in Beijing, China, February 10, 2020.

Xi Jinping finally appeared on the front lines of China’s fight against the Wuhan coronavirus. Here’s what that could mean for his respons...

After more than a month, China's president finally appeared in public on Monday, making a tightly-controlled appearance in Beijing.
Medical staff wearing protective clothing work inside a ward that receives any person who may have been infected with coronavirus, at the Rajiv Ghandhi Government General hospital in Chennai, India, January 29, 2020.

We combed through dozens of new studies about the coronavirus. The research suggests a suite of overlooked symptoms and up to 8 times more cases than ...

It's still unclear how quickly the coronavirus spreads. Scientists are racing to study it in order to contain the outbreak.

One map shows where the coronavirus has spread in Singapore, the worst-hit country outside of China

The map carries an advisory informing visitors that there is no need to avoid places visited by suspected and confirmed cases.