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Reformation's packaging is made from 100% recycled paper products and compostable bio-based materials.

How Reformation won over ‘cool girls’ by filling a void left by H&M and Forever 21

Reformation has made sustainability a core tenet of its business model as fast-fashion rivals like H&M and Forever 21 face criticism over waste.
Foxes are thriving near the abandoned Chernobyl plant.

More than 30 years after the Chernobyl disaster, no people can live in the area — but the animal population is thriving

Animals have taken over the area surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. There are no humans to stand in their way.
Yoga pants were a huge part of Lululemon's shot to fame.

We went shopping at Lululemon and Athleta to see which athleisure store was better — and the winner was clear

Though both Lululemon and Athleta continue to report strong performances, Lululemon is outpacing Athleta in product and store innovation.
Kleinfeld is one of the most celebrated bridal stores in the US.

I went shopping at Kleinfeld, the high-end bridal salon where TLC’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ is filmed — here’s what it wa...

Kleinfeld is one of the most celebrated bridal stores in the US. Here's what it's like to shop there.
Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world, according to BrandZ.

These are the 10 most valuable brands in the world

Amazon took the top spot on the BrandZ 100 most valuable global brands list, surpassing both Google and Apple.
Model Amanda Sanders at a Revolve event.

How Revolve used a massive network of influencers and celebrities to become a fashion giant

Revolve launched its initial public offering on Friday at a valuation of $1.2 billion. Here's a look at how the fashion brand rose to prominence.
As Forever 21 considers a major restructuring plan, H&M's performance is strong.

We shopped at Forever 21 and H&M and saw firsthand why one store is clearly outperforming the other

With its impressive global reach and well-designed stores, H&M is proving its a leading fast-fashion retailer over peers like Forever 21.

Here’s how many stores need to close across the US before the retail apocalypse ends, according to analysts

Physical retailers across all sectors have undeniably felt the sting of consumers turning away from stores in favor of e-commerce competitors.

High-tech fitness startup Peloton said it just filed for an IPO. Here’s what it’s like to use its $2,000 bike.

High-tech fitness startup Peloton has gained a cult following of fans who are obsessed with its indoor bike. Here's what it's like to use.
Forever 21 could be in trouble.

We went shopping at Forever 21 to see why the retailer is reportedly considering a major turnaround plan

Forever 21 is reportedly considering implementing a restructuring plan. We shopped at a Forever 21 store to see why it could be in trouble.