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Kremlin says it’s ‘stupid’ to say Trump is a Russian agent amid reports he tried to hide Putin conversations

The Kremlin on Wednesday said the notion President Donald Trump is a Russian agent is "nonsense."

Trump gave Putin the ‘gift of the century’ in plain sight while the FBI probed him as a Russian agent

Trump has succeeded where decades of Russian nuclear saber rattling, spying, assassinations, and information warfare has failed to fray the alliance.
President Donald Trump was asked by Fox News host Jeanine Pirro if he's ever worked on behalf of the Russian government.

A Fox News host asked the president if he was a Russian agent, and Trump said it was ‘the most insulting question he’s ever been askedR...

During an interview that aired on Saturday, Jeanine Pirro asked Trump, "Are you now or have you ever worked for Russia?"
Marina Gross, seen on the far left, was the only other American in the room when President Donald Trump met privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki earlier this week.

Meet Marina Gross, the interpreter who was the only other American in the room for Trump and Putin’s 1-on-1 meeting in Helsinki

Trump has reportedly gone to extreme lengths to hide the details of his conversations with Putin from senior administration officials.

Trump reportedly hid records of his conversations with Putin from his own administration

Trump once took notes from his interpreter and order the linguist to stay silent after a 2017 meeting with Putin in Hamburg, Germany.

Here’s a look at the infamous Russian prison where US citizen Paul Whelan is being held on espionage charges

Lefortovo is one of the oldest and most infamous detention facilities in the Russian capital.

Identity of Russian ex-spy who served as Manafort’s main foreign contact during 2016 election revealed

One of Manafort's Russian contacts has been revealed as ex-spy Victor Boyarkin, who acted as a link between Manafort and billionaire Oleg Deripaska.
President Donald Trump attends a meeting of the North Atlantic Council during a NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium.

Here’s how Donald Trump took shots at NATO in 2018 — and it spurred Jim Mattis to quit in protest

A US president criticizing NATO members isn't new, but the way Trump has done it has damaged the transatlantic alliance.
Brian Kilmeade on Friday criticized President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria.

‘Fox & Friends’ host blasts Trump for pulling troops out of Syria: ‘He said, ‘President Obama is the founder of ISIS.R...

"Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade on Friday ripped into President Donald Trump over his abrupt withdrawal of US troops from Syria.