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U.S. President Trump delivers statement in Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington

Twitter has added fact-checking links to Trump’s false tweets about voting by mail

Twitter has added a link prompting users to "get the facts about mail-in ballots" to President Trump's tweets pushing conspiracies about voter fraud.

The Republican pastor whose campaign was accused of election fraud in North Carolina won’t run in a new election as Mitch McConnell tries to lay...

Republican Mark Harris announced he will not run in North Carolina's special election after his campaign was accused of an election fraud scheme.

North Carolina officials order a new congressional election after 4 wild days of hearings over an alleged voter fraud scheme

Republican Mark Harris said that he supports holding a new election in the North Carolina congressional race he won by fewer than 1,000 votes.

Trump tweeted misleading voter fraud statistics, claiming non-citizens voted in Texas

The 95,000 voters identified in this move possibly became naturalized citizens and might not even be investigated by counties.
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at their summit in Helsinki, Finland, in July.

Trump attacked the legitimacy of the midterms the same way his own officials warned Russia would

Officials warned Russia would try spread doubts that midterm votes were counted correctly. Trump is now doing that in states like Florida.
When is the last time Trump bought groceries?

Trump appears not to understand grocery shopping in latest push for voter ID laws

President Donald Trump's mischaracterization of the way grocery shopping works became a joke online for prominent White House reporters who gravitated toward a central question: When, if ever, has Trump bought groceries?

Trump calls for strict voter ID laws, which critics say disenfranchise the poor and minorities

President Donald Trump on Wednesday reversed course on his investigation into voter fraud, which he has said is the reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

The Trump administration scraps its voter-fraud commission

Trump has repeatedly claimed that millions of people fraudulently voted in 2016, despite numerous fact-checking investigations debunking the claim.
Roy Moore.

Roy Moore spokeswoman defends voter fraud conspiracies in heated interview with CNN’s Dana Bash

A Roy Moore spokeswoman said John Merrill's handling of an investigation into voter fraud claims will impact "whether or not he has a political future."
Roy Moore.

Roy Moore still refuses to concede — and he asked supporters to donate to an ‘election integrity fund’ to find voter fraud

Roy Moore told supporters on Friday that the race is "not over." He is collecting donations to investigate incidents of voter fraud.