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A rendering of Walmart's new campus.

Walmart is breaking ground on a new 300-acre campus inspired by McDonald’s, Apple, and Stanford amid a cutthroat war for talent — hereR...

At the new campus, Walmart employees will get more windows, better parking, access to childcare services, and food trucks.
Shipping is getting faster and faster — and it's great news for shoppers.

Amazon and Walmart are locked in a battle over next-day delivery — and it’s great news for shoppers

The battle for speedy delivery is heating up between Amazon and Walmart. That likely means better prices and services for customers.

Walmart says it will raise prices if tariffs increase

The US-China trade war escalated this week after both sides imposed fresh tariffs, and Walmart is now threatening to raise prices.

Walmart says its ‘monitoring the tariff discussions,’ posts mixed results

Walmart on Thursday posted mixed first-quarter results, and said that it was keeping an eye on the trade talks between the US and China.

Walmart reveals how it plans to pull off next-day shipping — and it’s not what anyone expected

Walmart is using a surprising strategy to execute on free, next-day shipping that doesn't involve any of its 4,700 US stores.

Amazon fires back at Walmart’s next-day delivery rollout in a feisty tweet

Amazon's tweet suggested that it offered faster shipping than Walmart.

SHIPPING WARS: Walmart blows Amazon out of the water with its own free, next-day delivery

Walmart ecommerce CEO Marc Lore says the faster shipping will save Walmart money.

Best Buy is giving away a free Google Home Mini when you buy a discounted Google Home Hub for $99

The Google Home Hub rarely goes on sale, but you can get it now for only $99 at Best Buy — plus, it comes with a Google Home Mini speaker for free.
Walmart employees are making, on average, more money than ever.

Walmart is barring anyone under 21 years old from buying tobacco

Walmart is raising the minimum age for tobacco purchases to 21 years old across all Walmart and Sam's Club stores
Walmart employees are making, on average, more money than ever.

Walmart says its average full-time store employee now makes close to $15 an hour

In the company's first ESG report, Walmart said its hourly full-time workers at its stores now make $14.26 an hour on average.