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Art.com sells art, but online.

Walmart has gobbled up a slew of brands since 2010 — and it’s all part of a strategy to take on Amazon and win over millennials

Walmart has acquired a string of digitally native brands. The most recent one is Art.com, an online art and decor marketplace .
Jackson Racicot quitting his Walmart job.

‘Nobody should work here, ever’: A 17-year-old Walmart employee dramatically quit his job over the store’s intercom, and everybody c...

Jackson Racicot, 17, quit his job by announcing it over the intercom at a Walmart, saying he and other employees were unfairly treated.
A woman walks by a Dollar General store in Brooklyn.

America’s dollar stores are now feeding more people than Whole Foods. People are divided on whether that’s a bad thing.

Food-starved communities see dollar stores as a saving grace, but others worry they are pushing neighborhoods into decline.

Walmart and Target are facing a lawsuit from the NY attorney general on allegations they sold toys that were contaminated with lead

Walmart and Target have been sued in New York for allegedly selling dangerous, lead-contaminated toys.
Walmart had a ton of fresh produce.

We compared the grocery-shopping experience at 6 major chains in 2018, and this one impressed us the most

We visited a lot of grocery stores in 2018, but one had a lot more to offer, at lower prices and with a great shopping experience. Here's the verdict.

Walmart is reportedly testing a burger-flipping robot as the company doubles down on automation

Walmart is testing a burger-flipping robot called Flippy in its headquarters.

16 heirs to some of America’s best-known brands who are poised to inherit millions

America may not have royalty, but it does have plenty of heirs and heiresses set to inherit the thrones, or at least the riches, of the country's biggest brands. From Travis Knight of Nike to Ann Walton Kroenke of Walmart, meet some of America's most notable heirs and heiresses.

Dollar General is taking over rural America, and it should terrify Walmart

Dollar General is on a path to dominate America, and it should terrify Walmart.
Shoppers check out with 'Black Friday' deals at a Target in Utah in 2016.

Amazon buying Target would ‘accelerate an existing threat’ to Walmart, says analyst who’s doubling down on his call

Venture capital firm Loup Ventures just doubled down on its forecast that Amazon would acquire Target in 2018.
Walmart is sounding the alarm on tariffs once more.

Walmart CEO reveals why Trump’s trade war with China still has him worried over rising prices

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon is once again speaking out against US President Donald Trump's trade war with China.