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Christians themselves outlawed the holiday centuries ago.

8 times in history when a war on Christmas actually happened

The "war on Christmas" might be a modern controversy in America — but Christmas has faced attacks around the world throughout history.

Elementary school principal put on leave after writing memo that banned candy canes and gingerbread people

Manchester Elementary School Principal Jennifer Sinclair said candy canes were religious because the "J" shape was for Jesus.
An Idaho man won a lawsuit against his homeowners association, after he claimed they discriminated against his Christian beliefs by trying to cancel his annual Christmas extravaganza.

Idaho man wins $75,000 ‘war on Christmas’ lawsuit against homeowners association that didn’t want him to put on his annual extravaga...

Before Christmas each year, Jeremy Morris hosts an extravaganza at his house to spread his Christian faith and raise money for charity.
Starbucks' holiday cups aren't all red this year.

Starbucks says a lack of festivity is to blame for last year’s holiday sales slump, and it’s doubling down on seasonal cheer

Starbucks is bringing the holiday cheer this year. Stores will be decked out, baristas will wear red aprons, and seasonal drinks will be on the menu.

Why so many people get offended by the phrase ‘Happy holidays’

They're the two words President Donald Trump seems to hate more than any others in the English language.