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Vintage photos show how one of the world’s greatest engineering feats was created in 1915 to bring water to New York City

The Catskill Aqueduct delivers millions of gallons of water to New York City per day. These photos show its construction, which began in 1906.
Athletes may have a harder time staying hydrated, which can negatively affect performance.

How much water are you supposed to drink a day, debunking the 8 cups-a-day myth

You may not need 8 cups of water a day. To stay hydrated, make sure you're getting enough fluids in the day and not just glasses of water.
Clean water is a necessity that not everyone has.

I lived a week without using any water — and it showed me just how much we’re affecting the water crisis

I tried to go a week without using or consuming any water. It taught me a lot about how much water we waste.
Broth contains sodium which is an electrolyte and can help you stay hydrated.

What to eat when you have the flu, recommended by doctors

When you're sick with the flu, staying hydrated is the most important. Yogurt, leafy greens, fruits, oatmeal, and broth are good options.
Virgil Abloh (center) with a team designing the latest collection of Evian x Virgil Abloh limited edition water bottles.

Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh and Evian have teamed up to create limited edition glass water bottles tied to the launch of a $54,000 sustainable...

Each Evian x Virgil bottle has a QR code allowing people to apply online to the Gen Z- and millennial-focused "Activate Movement Program" contest.
Sophie Prana said cutting out water transformed her life.

Wellness influencers are promoting not drinking any water at all, and health experts say it’s ‘ridiculous’

Dietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine told Insider that "telling people not to drink water is highly irresponsible."
Leng Yuting and Riyang said they had their wedding photographs taken underwater because they would be "romantic and beautiful."

15 breathtaking wedding photos that were taken underwater

From posed shots to tying the knot in aquariums, couples around the world are taking wedding photos — and even getting married — underwater.
Drinking water can increase blood pressure and mediate certain forms of hypotension.

How to raise low blood pressure with water and salty snacks

You can quickly raise low blood pressure by drinking water and eating more salt. But other health conditions may require different methods.
Kimber Greenwood's stunning photo of a couple in their wedding outfits underwater was taken at Kelly Springs, in Apopka, Florida.

A breathtaking picture of newlyweds kissing underwater was a ‘dream come true’ for the photographer

The photographer Kimber Greenwood said: "The current was intense, so my assistant was holding me in place."
There's no easy way to tell if your iPad has water damage, but there are a few things that might indicate damage.

How to tell if your iPad has water damage, and what to do if it does

There's no easy way to tell if your iPad has water damage, but there are a few things that might indicate damage. Here's what you need to know.