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View of semi-submerged automobile wreckage lining the shore of acu rve of the Cuyahoga River (looking south), near Jaite, Ohio, 1968. A railroad bridge is visible in the background.

Vintage EPA photos reveal what US waterways looked like before pollution was regulated

In the years after the US Environmental Protection Agency was founded, the agency dispatched photographers to document pollution and contamination.

14 Orang Asli have died after an outbreak, and experts are blaming environmental destruction for their declining health

Due to logging and pollution, many of the Bateq people are malnourished, or "skin and bones", one expert said.

Breadtalk fined over S$16,000 for dumping oily wastewater into public sewers – but this isn’t the first time it’s been caught

Previously, the company had been slapped with six charges, totalling a fine of $19,000, for breaking the same law.

Pollution did not cause Melaka river to turn black, officials say – this is the real reason thousands of fish died in the ‘foul smelling&#...

Officials were initially worried that the suspected pollution of the Melaka river could be a repeat of the chemical pollution in Sungai Kim Kim back in April.

About 17,000 Malaysians had their water cut off after a reservoir burst and leaked ammonia into the Sayong river

The contamination came from a reservoir of ammonia-contaminated water at a bio-composite centre next to an oil palm mill in Sedenak.

A Singaporean man is wanted by Malaysian police, while another has been charged in relation to the toxic pollution at Sungai Kim Kim

The Johor Police chief said that the Johor State Police would be working closely with the Singaporean police to locate the man.

Johor gas poisoning victims now at 2,775, but PM Mahathir says the situation is ‘under control’

The PM said that the situation was not serious enough to evacuate residents in the area.

Johor has closed 111 schools over toxic gases from a polluted river – here’s the full timeline of what happened

A resident of Kampung Bukit Pulai said that the river had turned black, with dead fish and monitor lizards floating in the sludge.

Singapore supplies additional treated water to Malaysia at Johor’s request

Production at Johor's water plants was disrupted recently by pollution to the river catchment.

The US may be releasing over 64,000 pounds of tiny synthetic clothing fibers into the water every day

Researchers found that synthetic clothing can sheds tiny pieces of plastic that pick up chemicals and end up in our water and food systems.