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Johor gas poisoning victims now at 2,775, but PM Mahathir says the situation is ‘under control’

The PM said that the situation was not serious enough to evacuate residents in the area.

Johor has closed 111 schools over toxic gases from a polluted river – here’s the full timeline of what happened

A resident of Kampung Bukit Pulai said that the river had turned black, with dead fish and monitor lizards floating in the sludge.

Singapore supplies additional treated water to Malaysia at Johor’s request

Production at Johor's water plants was disrupted recently by pollution to the river catchment.

The US may be releasing over 64,000 pounds of tiny synthetic clothing fibers into the water every day

Researchers found that synthetic clothing can sheds tiny pieces of plastic that pick up chemicals and end up in our water and food systems.

This bottle tests water for contamination and purifies it on the go

The Ecomo water bottle can tell you if water is harmful to drink, and has a built-in, three-layered filter that can clean your water.

A trash-eating water drone is about to clean the busiest port in Europe

RanMarine Technology's Water Shark will help collect up to 1,102 pounds of litter in Rotterdam, Europe's busiest port.