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It took less than 10 minutes to open a high-yield cash account with Wealthfront and earn more on my savings. Here’s exactly what it’s like...

I moved my emergency fund savings over to Wealthfront's Cash Account, and the process couldn't have been any easier.

How to save money in college, even though you’re busy learning

To save money in college, keep your expenses low, automate your savings, and set savings goals for yourself.
Millennials are drawn to robo-advisers like Wealthfront for ease of use and low costs.

Wealthfront is now managing $20 billion, and it says something big about how differently millennials treat their money

Wealthfront offers IRAs for retirement savings, 529 college savings plans, taxable investment accounts, and cash accounts for earning more on savings.
The author is not pictured.

I spent 10 years working in finance and I’m convinced robo-advisers are better than human advisers for 5 reasons

Ditching your human financial adviser is scary. But this MBA says a robo-adviser is more likely to make the right decisions with your money.

Robo-advisor Wealthfront now offers a new high-yield cash account with a minimum deposit of $1 — here’s how it stacks up

Wealthfront's Cash Account, a new high-yield savings account, is fee-free and requires a minimum opening deposit of $1, making it accessible to all.
Wealthfront isn't messing around with its high-yield savings account.

Here’s how much $1,000 could grow over 5 years in Wealthfront’s cash account, which earns 25 times more than a regular savings account

Wealthfront's fee-free cash account earns 2.32% APY, requires just $1 to open, and is FDIC insured up to $1 million.
Interest rates on high-yield savings accounts are always subject to change.

The interest rate on Wealthfront’s cash account may have peaked for now, and it shows why picking the right place to save is about more than APY...

Like any high-yield savings account, the interest rate on Wealthfront's Cash Account is tied to the Federal Reserve's federal funds rate.
Betterment and Wealthfront are making a play for ordinary savers.

Wealthfront and Betterment are battling it out, and it’s great news for savers

The high-yield savings accounts from Wealthfront and Betterment may be particularly attractive to savers looking to segue into robo-investing.

Investing is one of the best ways to grow your money, and you don’t need $1,000 to start

Betterment and Wealthfront are robo-advisors, online financial advisors that use complex computer algorithms to create your investment portfolio.
Wealthfront cofounders Andy Rachleff and Dan Carroll.

Robo Wealthfront is launching a high-yield savings account as it looks to manage more millennial cash

Robo-advisor Wealthfront is rolling out a high-yield cash account, pushing deeper into the core services of banking.