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ICE Homeland Security Investigations announce the results of the international weapons operation.

5,300 illegal firearms and 167 explosives were just seized in a massive bust in Florida

An international weapons trafficking sting, called "Operation Patagonia Express," in the US and South America has resulted in 5,300 seized firearms.

Singapore Army’s new Hunter armoured fighting vehicle will supposedly make it a ‘more lethal fighting force’

It is "tougher and more capable" than the Ultra M113 currently in use.

Former LA County DA says ‘there is nothing in itself wrong with having a thousand guns’ as police investigate a man found inside a Bel-Air...

Shocking photos capture the sheer number of firearms and ammunition found by law enforcement in this home on the border of Holmby Hills and Bel-Air.
A handgun was discovered in the man's checked bag.

TSA catches man smuggling a handgun hidden in a DVD player at JFK Airport

The TSA discovered 91 guns in the carry-on bags of the 16.3 million passengers in screened between April 8 and April 14.
Chinese commandos pass quickly through poisonous area during a seven-day extreme military exercises at Xiuwen County on March 22, 2018 in Guiyang, Guizhou Province of China.

China’s been showing off a lot of new powerful weapons, and experts think they’re sending a message

Chinese media went into overdrive last month hyping Chinese weapons systems, and experts think it's a message to the US and other rivals.
A US Border Patrol wears a mask and the US Army's latest camouflage uniform on November 5, 2018 in Hidalgo, Texas.

US Border Patrol agents are carrying these weapons of war to stop the migrant caravan

US Border Patrol agents are carrying M4s with silencers, night-vision goggles, riding in armored vehicles, helicopters, and even horses with visors.

How likely is gun violence to kill the average American? The odds may surprise you

Firearm assaults kill about 13,000 Americans each year. This US death rate is about 11 times as high as all forces of nature combined.
A child reacts as he pretends to use a handgun while under guidance by a Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA) soldier at the Ngong Shuen Chau Barracks in Hong Kong on July 1, 2015.

China is said to be recruiting an elite group of ‘patriotic’ kids to help develop AI weapons

China has touted its artificial intelligence capabilities in the past, though it's largely kept its AI-weapons technology under wraps.
A man reacts at a makeshift memorial outside the Tree of Life synagogue following a mass shooting.

The odds that a gun will kill the average American may surprise you

Firearm assaults kill about 13,000 Americans each year, while all forces of nature kill about one-tenth as many people in the US annually.

11 weapons used by Russia’s elite Spetsnaz operators

The Russian Defense Ministry recently announced that its elite Spetsnaz forces would be receiving "several dozen" new 2B25 "silent" 82mm mortar systems.