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People recovering from the California wildfires are now scrambling to get ready for rain and potential mudslides

Rain is expected in the forecast this week, and with that the threat of flash floods, mudslides and/or debris flows in areas burned by the fires.
Mulled wine is a popular winter warmer.

The climate you live in could affect how much booze you drink, according to a new study

People who live in places with colder weather and fewer sunlight hours are more likely to drink more alcohol, researchers found.
Oymyakon in Russia is famous for its low temperatures.

10 of the coldest places on Earth

In these places, living in temperatures below freezing is a common occurrence. Here are 10 of the chilliest places on Earth.

Thunderstorms, heavy wind, and rain threaten to deter voters from going to the polls on Election Day

The midterm elections kicked off Tuesday morning across the country, but bad weather is threatening to keep less-committed voters away from the polls.

14 dramatic photos show Venice underwater in the worst flood to hit the city in a decade

Three-quarters of Venice, Italy was under water on Monday as a storm brought a historic flood to the city.
The athletes' village received a 3,500 litre delivery of non-alcoholic beer.

Extreme weather could trigger a global beer shortage that causes prices to skyrocket worldwide

Rising temperatures and severe drought could hinder the production of barley, creating a global beer shortage and a 16% decline in worldwide beer consumption.
Panama City resident Kathy Coy stands among the rubble after her home was destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

Before-and-after photos show Hurricane Michael’s catastrophic destruction in Florida

Hurricane Michael has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it has already wreaked havoc along the Gulf Coast, killing at least two people and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.
Storms are not the only concern pilots have while flying.

6 weather-related myths about flying that you should stop believing

It's easy to assume that the most dangerous part of flying is bad weather. But this isn't entirely the case. Here are six myths about flying that, once debunked, should help you feel better about flying in less-than-ideal weather.

We asked 11 climate scientists where they’d live in the US to avoid future natural disasters — here’s what they said

The scientists were careful to note that no city is safe from natural disaster, though a few are less vulnerable than most. Cities like Portland, Tulsa, and Minneapolis ranked among the preferred locations for avoiding climate change today and in the future.

As Hurricane Florence’s floodwaters recede, some North Carolina rivers could rise another foot, and the full moon isn’t helping

Hurricane Florence floodwaters may be receding, but it's causing rivers to rise in some areas of southeastern North Carolina. The Cape Fear River is expected to reach record levels on Monday — and may get even higher on Monday night, thanks to the full moon. Here's what you need to know.