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LeAnn Sabatini from Ohio wears her wedding dress while social distancing.

People are rewearing their wedding dresses at home to do chores and entertain their kids

Some women told Insider that they wore their wedding dresses to show their children, while others said they put them on before doing household chores.
Emily Weiss and Elly Nemtsov got engaged during a citywide quarantine.

A quarantined couple got engaged on the steps of a museum with their family watching over FaceTime

The marriage proposal used FaceTime to make it a family affair, allowing the couple's parents to see it unfold.
Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin married after more than six years of dating.

Bindi Irwin says she chose her wedding dress because it ‘mimicked’ the one her mom wore when marrying Steve Irwin

In an exclusive interview with People, Bindi Irwin said she considered wearing her mom's wedding dress, but instead chose one that looked like it.
Ann Emge wore her mother-of-the-groom gown to the grocery store, gas station, and even the airport where she works.

A woman wore her mother-of-the-groom dress to the grocery store after the coronavirus prevented her from showing it off

Ann Emge's son's 200-guest wedding was postponed because of the coronavirus, so she wore her mother-of-the-groom dress around her town.
Julia Luckett and Nick Pierce's dog was their videographer for their 2019 wedding.

A couple’s dog filmed their wedding with a GoPro that was attached to his collar, and the video footage is actually stunning

Newlyweds Julia Luckett and Nick Pierce attached a GoPro to their dog's collar instead of hiring a videographer for their wedding ceremony.
Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin became engaged in July 2019, and married on Wednesday.

Bindi Irwin and her husband are selling $50 vegan candles to celebrate their wedding

The candle's label features a photo of Bindi Irwin and her husband surrounded by animals and her family, including her late father Steve Irwin.
Guests at an Australian wedding tested positive for the coronavirus.

39 guests who attended a wedding in Australia have tested positive for the coronavirus

The bride and groom were on their honeymoon when they heard two of their guests had tested positive. That was just the beginning.
Jose Patiño and Emily Yaung seen on their wedding day — March 20, 2020.

‘There was no hesitation’: Why one bride chose to elope when her wedding got postponed by the coronavirus outbreak

Emily Yaung told us about her decision to postpone her wedding, the logistics of canceling vendors, and her elopement.
Margaret and Rev Ford planned their wedding in six days, and they arranged for Margaret's hospitalized grandmother to see them through a window after their ceremony.

A bride showed her grandmother her wedding dress through a window because of the coronavirus

Margaret Ford's grandmother was diagnosed with leukemia amid the coronavirus pandemic, so she couldn't attend her wedding in person.
Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin became engaged in July 2019.

Bindi Irwin wore a classic gown with long lace sleeves for her impromptu wedding ceremony without guests

Bindi Irwin married Chandler Powell on Wednesday. Her brother Robert walked her down the aisle, and the couple lit a candle in honor of Steve Irwin.