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BHLDN is owned by Urban Outfitters.

Gap is following J.Crew in abandoning its bridal business. Here’s where you can buy affordable bridesmaid dresses now.

Weddington Way has closed up shop. On Monday, the Gap-owned retailer sent an email to customers confirming that it has wound down all operations besides its customer-service platform, which will be available for the next month.
Couples spend an average $76,944 on a wedding in Manhattan, according to The Knot.

Here’s how much it costs to get married at 9 of the most glamorous wedding venues in New York City

A New York wedding is a dream for many, but city is the most expensive place for weddings in the US. Two wedding planners said the top New York wedding venues include The Plaza Hotel and Cipriani. Here are other popular venues in the city and how much they cost.

How marriage changes you physically and mentally, according to science

There has historically been a consensus that marriage was good for your health. But more recent research has revealed that the relationship between marriage, health, and well-being is more complicated, with both benefits and drawbacks.

25 beautiful and intimate award-winning photos show the reality behind weddings around the world

A wedding day comes with a mix of emotions, from stress to sadness to utter joy.
Millennials are opting for cash gifts.

This Goldman Sachs-backed startup is banking on a new attitude millennials have about weddings

Wedding-registry startup Zola, which allows wedding guests to give experiences and cash, just raised an additional $100 million in venture funding. Many engaged millennials are eschewing the traditions of their parents and asking for cash gifts instead.
Georgina Childs, 30, from Essex.

This 30-year-old woman says she gave up her home after spending $13,000 on weddings and bachelorette parties

Georgina Childs from Essex, England, has faced criticism for her choices — but for many millennials, her situation is all too relatable. Have we reached peak wedding-guest costs?
Deciding on a wedding budget will help couples stay within their spending range.

What the average wedding budget looks like in America, from the engagement ring to the wedding dress to the venue

The average wedding budget for American couples is over $30,000. See how couples across the US spend their wedding budget, from the venue to the wedding dress.
H&M's new bridal dresses cost between $129 and $299.

H&M is capitalizing on a new attitude millennials have about weddings

H&M has a new collection of affordable wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.
Ivanka with her two brothers, Eric and Donald Jr.

People are freaking out that Ivanka appears to be wearing white at Donald Trump, Jr.’s wedding — here’s the real story

Ivanka Trump is coming under fire for a photo of her that makes it look like she was wearing white to her brother's wedding in 2005. Here's the real story.