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27 engagement gifts under $100 for couples who don’t have a registry yet

Not sure what to give for an engagement gift under $100? Check out this list of 27 great gifts your favorite couple will be happy to receive.

The 10 most popular wedding dates of 2019

If you're getting married in June, September, or October 2019, you aren't alone. Here are some of the most popular dates.

A trumpet that was played at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is up for sale on eBay

Trumpeter David Blackadder, who is selling the instrument, said he played Handel’s "Eternal Source of Light Divine” at the May 19, 2018, ceremony.
Ron Peterson and Michelle Belleau, pictured on their wedding day.

A couple had their wedding at Cleveland’s airport 12 years after meeting at its baggage claim

Michelle Belleau met Ron Peterson at baggage claim 6 in 2007, when her boss asked her to pick up a client — Peterson — at the airport.
The fish were supposed to symbolize the newlyweds.

A maid of honor says that she had to care for 90 goldfish that were purchased as wedding favors — here’s why experts warn against using an...

In a now-viral Reddit post, a woman claims she was the maid of honor at a wedding where live goldfish were the centerpieces and the party favors.

Joe Jonas says he’s making sure there is ‘a lot of’ beer when he marries Sophie Turner after they ran out of it at Nick and Priyanka...

Joe Jonas said he'll be making sure that there is lots of beer at his wedding to Sophie Turner after Nick shared that they ran out at his wedding.
Same-sex marriage began being legalized in the early 2000s.

30 inspiring photos of same-sex weddings around the world

Though same-sex marriage is fairly new US-wide, LGBTQ people have been saying their vows around the world for almost two decades.
There are so many jobs within the wedding industry.

6 fun jobs in the wedding industry that you never knew existed

You can hire a chauffeur to babysit your dog on your wedding day, or you can hire a wedding guest to pretend to be your family member.
Martha Collison, who was 17 years old when she participated in the show, invited her fellow competitors to her wedding.

The ‘Great British Bake Off’ stars reunited at a fellow contestant’s wedding and each one baked an impeccable cake for the occasion

Martha Collison of "Great British Bake Off," or "The Great British Baking Show" as it's known in the US, invited some contestants to her wedding.

The 27 shortest celebrity marriages of all time

These famous couples didn't even last a year. Some didn't even last a week. Find out which couples had the shortest unions in Hollywood.