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A video posted to Chinese social media appears to show the loss of a top-secret military satellite aboard a Long March 4C rocket on May 23, 2019.

Video shows a top-secret Chinese space mission failing in mid-flight — China’s second rocket loss of the year

Videos and photos posted to Chinese social media show the mid-flight destruction of a Long March 4C rocket and a reported military payload on top.
Posts on Weibo show users mocking Trump for giving Huawei free publicity.

Trump is being mocked on Chinese social media for giving Huawei free publicity

Trump's executive order is expected to precede a ban on US companies buying Huawei telecoms equipment.
Smoke can be seen pouring from the Tesla moments before it bursts into flames

Tesla is investigating why a Model S appeared to explode in a Shanghai parking garage

Video on Weibo showed the parked car smoking before bursting into flames.
Would you care for an egg, madame?

A creepy Tom Hiddleston stars in a bizarre Chinese advert where he serves the viewer an appalling-looking breakfast of raw vegetables, fruit, and an e...

The "Loki" actor shared the advert on his Weibo page, saying: "Here's something special for you at breakfast time."

McDonald’s sells ‘youtiao’ in the US: New Donut Sticks almost identical to traditional dough sticks, Chinese say

Without the sugar topping, the similarity in taste of a McDonald's Donut Stick to a Chinese youtiao goes up to "95 per cent".

Chinese online shopping sites ditch Dolce & Gabbana in ‘racist’ ad and message backlash

Tthe brand said a hacking of Stefano Gabbana's account was what led to a message which read "China Ignorant Dirty Smelling Mafia".

Chinese diner claims she ‘found a sanitary pad in her hotpot’ … twice in two days

Shenzhen woman asks Haidilao for US$145,000 compensation, then claims the same thing happened in a different restaurant 24 hours later.