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The actress recently showed off her hard-earned ab muscles on Instagram.

How to get Halle Berry’s 6-pack abs without spending 4 hours a day at the gym

A combination of good nutrition, circuit training, and patience can help women sculpt their cores at any age, but it's not easy.
People gather at Saidaiji Temple in Nara, Japan to drink green tea during the 'Shinshun O-Chamori-Shiki', or New Year Giant Bowl Tea Ceremony.

The ‘weight loss’ teas you’ve seen on Instagram are a scam, but there are teas with appetite-curbing benefits

Some of the teas aren’t “diet” at all, they’re just emptying out your insides. Here's what to know about teas that are safe and healthy.

I lost 10 pounds in 2 months with Noom — the app kept me accountable and reframed how I thought about weight management

I lost 10 pounds in two months with Noom and re-educated myself on how food and exercise can lead to healthy goals. Here's my experience with the app.
Some fruits and veggies cause bloating and digestion issues.

Raw vegan diets eliminate animal products and anything that’s been cooked. These 10 meals illustrate what’s left.

Raw vegans can still eat uncooked fruit, vegetables, grains, beans, and nuts, but need to be diligent about getting enough calories and nutrients.
Eleni Chechopoulos in one of her YouTube vlogs.

A wellness influencer told her Instagram followers that shampoo causes weight gain, but nutrition experts are calling her comments ‘madness̵...

Registered nutritionist Jenny Rosborough told Insider that the lack of regulation on social media is "the biggest problem."
Finding an activity you love means you'll stick to it.

I lost 20 pounds and felt amazing, but now I’ve regained the weight and am back where I started. What should I do?

The key is to start small and think about developing a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle rather than thinking about being on a diet.

A slimmed-down Adele joked about her workouts after being photographed looking glamorous at Drake’s birthday party

The "Hello" singer attended the rapper's 33rd birthday party on Thursday, which was 1920's mob gangster-themed.
Early exercisers might get the most weight loss benefits.

The best time to exercise is before breakfast, a new study says

In a small study, researchers found that exercising before breakfast led to more fat loss, but not weight loss, than eating beforehand.

A woman ‘starved to death’ 10 years after weight-loss surgery, losing 75% of her body weight

Bariatric surgeries are typically safe and require thorough preparation and follow-up. Life-threatening complications are rare, but possible.
Jordan Syatt eating one of 30 Big Macs.

An Instagram-famous fitness coach ate a Big Mac every day for a month and still lost 7 pounds

Jordan Syatt wanted to hammer home the point that you can still enjoy the foods you like and reach your fitness goals.