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Werner Herzog takes us inside volcanoes in the insanely beautiful ‘Into the Inferno’ trailer

Legendary director Werner Herzog looks at nature's fury in his new documentary about volcanoes for Netflix, "Into the Inferno," which now has a trailer.

Werner Herzog talks infiltrating North Korea for his new Netflix movie and the Bond role he wants

Legendary director Werner Herzog discusses going into North Korea for his Netflix documentary about volcanoes, and why he wants to play a Bond villain.

Legendary director Werner Herzog says he wants to play a Bond villain: ‘I think I would be good’

"Fitzcarraldo" filmmaker Werner Herzog is no stranger to acting, but he thinks the famous James Bond franchise is in need of him as a bad guy.

Legendary director Werner Herzog just gave the most brilliant explanation of Kanye West

"I've never seen anything like this," Herzog said of Kanye West's internet-dominating "Famous" video.

Werner Herzog takes on internet addiction in the trailer for his meditative new movie

Werner Herzog has a meditative new movie about our connected world.

Woman describes what it was like to be the only survivor of a flight obliterated by a thunderstorm

It was Christmas Eve 1971, and she had just graduated from high school.