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Silicon Valley has become so money-obsessed, founders and venture capitalists keep accepting money from horrible people, and it’s ruining all of...

Jeffrey Epstein was a tech investor. Saudi Arabia has pumped billions into WeWork and Uber. Silicon Valley has become morally bankrupt.
Adam Neumann, chief executive officer of U.S. co-working firm WeWork, speaks during a signing ceremony in Shanghai, China April 12, 2018.

WeWork, the $47 billion co-working company, is gearing up for a huge IPO this year. Here’s everything we know about what’s going on.

This is what's happening at WeWork, including capital raising, quarterly results, the company's IPO plans, and more.

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang calls out WeWork in a tweet, saying its $47 billion valuation is ‘utterly ridiculous’

"If they are a tech company so is UPS," Democratic presidential hopeful Yang tweeted about WeWork.
The We Company CEO Adam Neumann.

Members, locations, and beer quotas: 5 WeWork questions a skeptical analyst has after reading the group’s IPO filing

Triton Research CEO Rett Wallace still has a few questions about the shared-workspace group as it prepares to go public.
Mentions of Founders CEO

NYU professor calls WeWork ‘WeWTF,’ says any Wall Street analyst who believes it’s worth over $10 billion is ‘lying, stupid, o...

Scott Galloway, the best-selling author and tech-industry pundit, is a marketing professor at New York University's Stern School of Business.

WeWork’s IPO documents baffled an analyst who specializes in evaluating companies preparing to go public

WeWork's IPO is expected raise about $3.5 billion, which would the second-largest public offering in 2019 behind Uber's.
FILE PHOTO: Neumann, CEO of WeWork, speaks to guests during the TechCrunch Disrupt event in Manhattan, in New York City

WeWeek, how Google Cloud pays its salespeople, and Ancestry DNA’s ambitions

The business stories you need to read this week, covering the latest on big deals of the past few days, Google Cloud, and Ancestry DNA.

As WeWork heads for an IPO, investors ranging from asset management giant Fidelity to a pension plan for sprinkler installers are set to benefit

WeWork has unveiled its filing to go public, with names of its biggest investors in the nearly 400-page document.

Morgan Stanley backs out of WeWork’s monster IPO after getting snubbed for the lead role

Morgan Stanley was the lead underwriter in Uber's $8.1 billion public offering in May, the largest IPO so far in 2019.
WeWork Cos. co-founder Adam Neumann

Here’s who gets rich if WeWork has a successful IPO

If investors love the idea of buying WeWork's parent company, We, when it goes public, a handful of people and investors stand to make a killing.