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A protester against Chinese internet censorship in Germany.

Here are all the major US tech companies blocked behind China’s ‘Great Firewall’

Although Huawei has only recently been banned in the US, China has long blocked major US tech companies like Facebook and Google from operating there.
Your phone is vulnerable to attack unless you update WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp hackers still have access to huge numbers of phones because people are not updating the app

Wandera could see whether the users of 300,000 devices have updated WhatsApp to patch the security vulnerability. Many had not.

An insider reveals how the nasty spyware used in the WhatsApp breach lets governments secretly access everything in your smartphone, from text message...

Over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users were exposed to a major security flaw that enabled hackers to take over smartphones simply by calling them.

This is how attackers were able to spread spyware through WhatsApp with just a phone call

Attackers exploited a WhatsApp vulnerability known as a buffer overflow to spread spyware to mobile devices. Here's what that term means.

There’s no way to know for sure whether your smartphone was infected by the WhatsApp attack. But here are some signs you should look out for.

There's no way to tell if you've been affected by the WhatsApp security breach, but here are some signs of spyware you should look out for.

Meet the shadowy security firm from Israel whose technology is believed to be at the heart of the massive WhatsApp hack

The NSO Group's Pegasus software is believed to be at the heart of a major new spyware attack that affects billions of people.

Facebook’s sluggish response to the WhatsApp hack shows it’s still not learning from catastrophic errors in the past

WhatsApp was hacked, exposing a 'serious security vulnerability' first reported on by the Financial Times on Monday.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple’s privacy promises would have been useless against a simple missed call from WhatsApp hackers

The Financial Times reported that hackers were able to access people's phones by exploiting a vulnerability in WhatsApp.
WhatsApp was hacked in early May.

WhatsApp users are being urged to update the app immediately after it was hacked — here’s how to get protected

The security vulnerability has been fixed in updated versions of WhatsApp, but some users will need to manually update the app to get protected.
Customers crowd into the Harrow branch of Metro Bank after a false scare story on WhatsApp said the bank was going under.

A false rumor on WhatsApp started a run on a London bank

Metro Bank's stock dropped 9% this morning.