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How wifi works on planes.

Getting internet while flying can be a nightmare, but that may be about to change

The internet finds its way into planes via satellites and ground-based transmitters. There's a new generation of high-speed satellite-based in-flight wifi systems that are coming online. Suppliers include Honeywell, Gogo, and Viasat.
A Spirit Airlines Airbus

America’s leader in cheap flights is adding a new feature to its planes that customers will love

Spirit Airlines announced that its entire fleet of Airbus jet will have WiFi by the summer of 2019. WiFi is expected to cost around $6.50 per flight, but prices may vary based on demand and usage needs.

Facebook’s latest feature helps you find Wi-Fi hotspots near you

Running low on data? Need to find somewhere to work with your laptop? Facebook's got your back.

Apple is killing its line of routers

Apple has not updated its routers since 2013, and now it's folding the team behind it into other Apple projects.

The university hosting tonight’s debate is warning reporters not to bypass $200 Wi-Fi charges

Hofstra is forcing reporters to pay $200 for Wi-Fi at tonight's presidential debate.

Starbucks will put an end to an unexpected consequence of offering free Wi-Fi

Customers will soon no longer be able to watch porn at Starbucks.

McDonald’s has put an end to an unexpected consequence of offering free Wi-Fi

Customers can no longer watch porn at McDonald's, thanks to a new filtered Wi-Fi policy.

Watch Steve Jobs lose his cool during a famous iPhone demo

The former apple CEO told bloggers to turn off their wireless devices so he could have a better internet connection.