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This affordable mesh Wi-Fi system reaches every inch of my 4,000-square-foot home — here’s how it works

Dealing with dead Wi-Fi spots in your home can be annoying and costly. This $168 TP-Link mesh system has provided consistent Wi-Fi in my home.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ would have taken almost 48 hours to download a decade ago — here’s how far internet speeds have come

In 2009 a one-gigabyte app like Photoshop took 20 minutes to download. In 2019, it takes under two minutes.

How to connect to Wi-Fi on a Windows 10 device in 4 steps

It's easy to connect to Wi-Fi on Windows 10, and it should remember the Wi-Fi network after you connect once. Here's how to do it.

Amazon may soon be able to track your phone’s location even if you don’t use any of its products or services

Even if you don’t use Amazon’s wireless networks in your own home, the mesh network could enable Amazon to get geolocation data from your devices.

Apple’s latest iPhones support a new WiFi standard that’s faster and better — but you don’t need to rush and buy a new router

WiFi 6 is faster and more efficient than previous WiFi standards, but you probably don't need it at home.
Adam Neumann, CEO of The We Company.

A WeWork tenant found its weak WiFi security exposed bank details, driving licenses, and a virtual birthday card featuring Nicholas Cage as a cat

A man working for a digital media company in a WeWork building was able to view hundreds of documents belonging to other companies in the building.
You can connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi in two main ways.

How to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi in 2 different ways, to either a visible or hidden network

You can connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi in two main ways, either through a visible, listed network or a hidden network. Here's how to do both.
Share Wi-Fi passwords between two iPhones to easily let one phone join a new network.

How to share or receive a Wi-Fi password on your iPhone with a few taps, and join a new Wi-Fi network without having to type a password in

You can share a Wi-Fi password on an iPhone to let another iOS device automatically join a network, provided both devices are running at least iOS 12.

Amazon’s $400 Eero system is one of the best ways to get fast WiFi throughout your home, but you can get better performance for less

Eero's second-generation of mesh WiFi routers will bring WiFi to even the most stubborn WiFi dead zones. But it's also one of the pricier options.
Netgear's Orbi router.

I’ve tried a bunch of different Wi-Fi routers, but Netgear’s mesh system is the one I keep going back to

All the mesh Wi-Fi router systems I've tested have been impressive, but Netgear's Orbi system truly stands out.