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A raging wildfire has burned the town of Paradise, California to the ground

It's estimated that the California Camp Fire burned over a thousand structure in California.
James Woods

Actor James Woods started a hashtag to help find missing people in the Camp Fire wildfires

Actor James Woods launched #CampFireJamesWoods on his official Twitter so people could post pleas for information on relatives who were missing.
An aerial shot.

Kim Kardashian had to evacuate her home because of raging California wildfires

Early Friday morning, three wildfires burned in California forced emergency evacuations for thousands of people — including celebrities.

An off-duty Border Patrol agent accidentally started a 47,000-acre wildfire in Arizona when a gender-reveal party went horribly wrong

A Border Patrol agent has to pay $220,000 in fines after starting a 47,000-acre wildfire in Arizona during a gender-reveal celebration for his wife's pregnancy last year. Dennis Dickey, of Tucson, Arizona, pleaded guilty on September 28 to causing a fire without a permit in April 2017.
Howe Ridge Fire, August 12, 2018

Glacier National Park is burning amid a record heatwave, sparking evacuations

A wildfire broke out in Glacier National Park on Saturday, forcing evacuations from the park. The park also saw record high temperatures on Saturday.

The fire that caused widespread devastation in Northern California was started by a flat tire

California officials say that the Carr Fire, which has claimed 8 lives and forced evacuations in the city of Redding, was caused by a flat tire on July 23.
A man uses a cloth to protect himself from smoke as wildfire burns in the town of Rafina, near Athens, Greece, July 23, 2018.

Authorities say Greek wildfires that killed 83 people may have been caused by arson

Wildfires that ravaged several towns in eastern Greece and left 83 people dead are suspected to have been caused by arson. According to officials, foul play is suspected, although climate change and illegal construction of houses likely contributed to the disaster.
Firefighters, soldiers and local residents carry a hose as a wildfire burns in the town of Rafina, near Athens, Greece, July 23, 2018.

26 people died in each others arms escaping vicious wildfires that have spread across Greece

26 bodies, some adults and children, were found huddled together in the resort town of Mati in Greece. At least 74 people have died and over a hundred more have been injured in the worst wildfires the country has seen in more than 10 years.

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