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Miley Cyrus talked to Howard Stern about the devastation of the Malibu wildfires.

Miley Cyrus said she calls Liam Hemsworth her ‘survival partner’ instead of ‘fiancé’

The loss of their home in the fires inspired the singer to change how she thinks of Hemsworth as a partner and, in turn, change what she calls him.
A Hot Shot crew cuts a line among homes at the Thomas Fire on December 16, 2017 in Montecito, California.

The record-breaking year of deadly fires in California was stoked by distinctly devilish winds — here’s how they work

The Santa Ana winds don't start out hot, but as they travel down mountains they gather strength and heat, arriving on the coast ready to fuel flames.
The Camp Fire charred nearly 200 square miles in northern California from Thursday, November 8 through Tuesday, November 13, 2018. It's still burning

California’s Camp Fire killed 85 people, but the death toll is still changing as DNA from remains gets identified

Two wildfires that scorched 250,000 acres in California are now 100% contained. The total death toll is 88, but at least 11 people are still missing.
An experimental NOAA forecast predicted California wildfire smoke particles would drift across the US on November 19, 2018.

Smoke from California’s wildfires is drifting across the US to New York — and it’s making pretty sunsets

Smoke from the California wildfires is billowing high into the atmosphere and drifting across America. Some particles have reached the East Coast.
Sanjana Shah and Aditya Shah

This team of 17-year-old high-school seniors in California created a device that could help prevent future wildfires

The "Smart Wildfire Sensor" captures photos of fallen branches and leaves (known as "fuel"), using machine learning to categorize and determine wildfire threat levels.

A Walmart parking lot in California has become a camp for wildfire evacuees

A Walmart store parking lot in Chico, California, is now doubling as a makeshift evacuee camp for Californians fleeing the Camp Fire.
Firefighters battle a blaze at the Salvation Army Camp on November 10, 2018, in Malibu, California.

People are outraged Kim and Kanye reportedly hired private firefighters to protect their $60 million mansion from the California wildfires — but...

Many insurance companies employ private firefighting teams to dispatch when wildfires, like Southern California's Woolsey fire, strike.

The wildfire in Malibu has hit a former nuclear research site, and some activists are worried about radiation in the smoky air

Officials say the Woolsey Fire didn't release toxins into the air when it burned part of the Santa Susana nuclear site, but activists are concerned.

It was a thriving town of 27,000, and now it’s smoldering ash; here’s how Paradise, California, became a fire trap

Until last Thursday, a wildfire had never crossed city limits into Paradise, despite fires hitting nearly every other part of Butte County.
A satellite view of Paradise, California, on November 8, 2018.

Satellite images show how the Camp Fire destroyed entire towns and killed dozens of people

Satellites in space took pictures of Paradise, California, and the nearby town of Magalia as the Camp Fire burned much of the two places to ashes.