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The Elephant Queen.

A photographer captured the last images of Kenya’s ‘elephant queen’ just before her death

The giant creature, whom the photographer called the Elephant Queen, died of natural causes shortly after the images were taken.
The elusive African black leopard.

A wild African black leopard has been photographed for the first time in more than 100 years

The last confirmed photograph of a black leopard in Africa was taken in Ethiopia in 1909, according to the African Journal of Ecology.

This photo of a Malaysian boy sharing a moment with his buffalo won a contest – and more photos of his life with the cattle are now stunning the...

The boy told NST that he was "not proud" of his new found fame, but "just happy because people used to put my father down for working as a buffalo breeder".
An adult elephant and a calf try to cross railroad tracks in West Bengal. The image won a certificate of merit in the 2018 Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards.

Feast your eyes, heart, and mind on some of the most stunning science and nature photography of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we've rounded up some of the best science and nature photos that we saw this year.

That viral photo of otters crashing a marriage proposal in Singapore almost never happened

"What I saw through my lens was priceless. I was telling myself: What a dream shot! The chance of a lifetime!"
Otters crash Jordan Doyle's proposal to Mary Lister in Singapore.

A couple’s proposal was photobombed by a group of otters, and the picture is adorable

An otter-loving couple were left delighted after a handful of the animals gatecrashed their romantic moment in Singapore.
"This Is Sparta" by Sergey Savvi.

14 hilarious winners from this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Each year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is flooded with snapshots of nature supplying some accidental humor at its own expense.
Photographs by Tim Flach; Text by Dr. Jonathan Baillie; Published by Abrams

Stunning new photos show the faces of animals on the verge of extinction

In his new book, "Endangered", renowned wildlife photographer Tim Flach tries to make readers consider the impact they have on animals.
This photo, which won the young photographer Nature in Urbania category, shows a bonnet macaque peeping out from the wheel well of a tourism vehicle.

A prize-winning image shows a mob setting an elephant mother and calf on fire

The winning photo from this year's Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography contest is disturbing — it shows humans attacking a pair of elephants. .

The most stunning wildlife photos of 2017

Even as hurricanes and wildfires wreak havoc, the natural world is still full of beauty. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest is a reminder of that.