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A new study on the side effects of wind energy is almost begging to be misused by climate change deniers

Using wind power to generate the electricity the US needs could cause a surprising amount of local warming in the regions of the wind turbines. But they would still help the world stop pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which would help fight climate change and global warming.
A woman watches a solar eclipse.

A new report shows where our energy will come from 30 years from now — and coal is the biggest loser

Renewable energy is set to provide close 50% of the world's energy by 2050, mostly because of falling battery costs. The use of coal will decline, providing only 11% of the world's energy.

Tesla says it’s halfway done building the world’s biggest battery

Tesla is building the world's biggest battery in South Australia, a region that has been plagued by frequent power outages.

America’s largest offshore wind farm could put up to 200 turbines off the coast of New York

The Long Island Power Authority approved the country's largest offshore wind project on January 25.