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A woman rides a Bird scooter in Los Angeles.

The scooter wars are coming to Europe this summer. But first they have to prove they’re not like Uber.

This year marks the first spring and summer where well-funded scooter startups, such as Bird and Lime, will be fully operational in Europe.
An illustration of NASA's Mars InSight lander.

NASA can hear the ‘haunting’ sound of dust devils tearing across Mars with its new $830 million lander

Instruments on NASA's InSight lander recently heard the sounds of blowing winds and felt tornado-like dust devils tearing across the Martian surface.

Hilarious photos of guests struggling with high winds at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding

An incredibly windy royal wedding is currently underway in London. The Queen's granddaughter Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank on Friday morning at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle — and it's blowing a gale.
A satellite image of the nor'easter hitting the East Coast on the morning of March 2, 2018.

A dangerous ‘bomb cyclone’ is hitting the East Coast — this satellite image captures its monstrous scale

On Thursday, a powerful nor'easter started moving toward the Atlantic Coast. Winds up to 50 mph are expected to hit some coastal towns.
Ice from the breath of Gail Davis forms around her face as she exercises by walking outside in Minneapolis, January 8, 2014

Videos show a powerful winter storm that wreaked havoc across Europe

At least eight have died from chaos caused by winds reaching up to 140 kph (87 mph).
Some livestock tried to keep away from the flames after an early-morning Creek Fire broke out in the Kagel Canyon area in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles.

Why California’s wildfire season has been so long and destructive

The devastating blazes in Southern California come in a particularly bad year for fires out west. Here's why that's happening.
The Hywind Scotland floating wind farm, off the coast of Peterhead in Scotland.

The world’s first floating wind farm has opened off the coast of Scotland — here’s how it works

Hywind Scotland is the new home to five wind turbines taller than Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty on top of each other.

Incredible footage from space shows massive lightning storms in Hurricane Irma

All these flash...

Daimler has ambitious plans to run one of its largest factories entirely on renewable energy by 2018

Daimler's trucking umbrella has a massive plant in India that covers 400 acres — and it will run entirely on renewable energy in 2018.

There’s a good reason GE picked Rhode Island for America’s first offshore wind farm

The state barely uses any coal, and is embracing renewables like it's 2050.