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The best snow jackets for dogs

Dogs need to stay warm and dry in the winter during their daily walks and outdoor play. Here are the best snow jackets and coats for dogs.

The best winter boots for women

We tested dozens of women's winter boots to find the pairs that offer style, comfort, and protection.

The best men’s parkas for winter

For most of us outside of the tropics, life in winter is better with a parka. They're warm, fluffy, and you can wear just about anything underneath.

The best thermal gloves

Thermal gloves keep your hands extra warm during the winter. These are the best gloves you can buy to avoid frozen fingers.

The best sleds you can buy for winter fun

There's nothing better than zipping down a snowy slope on a sled. These are the best ones you can buy, for kids and adults.
Santorini, Greece may be less crowded during winter months.

13 warm weather destinations that aren’t too crowded

Here are 13 unique warm-weather places to visit during the holiday season if you want to enjoy gorgeous weather without dealing with the crowds.

I never understood the hype around Patagonia — but this one sweater changed my mind and now I’m a member of the cult fan base

I never understood why Patagonia had such a loyal cult following until I tried its clothes. Here's how the Quilt Snap-T Pullover turned me into a fan.
Harbin Ice and Snow World on March 15.

China’s elaborate winter festival is now a graveyard of melting ice castles. Take a look.

Harbin's giant ice sculptures started melting due to unexpectedly warm weather.
WONSAN, NORTH KOREA - FEBRUARY 04: North Korean boys finish up a ski lesson at Masikryong Ski Resort on February 04, 2019 near Wonsan, North Korea.

Go inside the North Korean ski resort that Kim Jong Un spent millions to build

Here's a look at the Masikryong Ski Resort in North Korea, which Kim Jong-Un built after he reportedly fell in love with skiing as a student.
Big Ben illuminated at night and the night traffic on Westminster Bridge in London.

The EU is getting rid of daylight saving time, and now countries can choose to stay on ‘permanent’ summer or winter time

Individual member states will be allowed to decide whether to stay on permanent summer or permanent winter time.