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‘I have a lot of powerful women’: Jack Ma just shared Alibaba’s secret to surviving a ‘terrible’ 20 years

"I believe that in the 21st century, if we have more women leaders, the world will be much more peaceful."
Only one-third of women in Gen Z report feeling optimistic about the effects of technology on society.

Gen Z women are less likely than millennial women to want to be reachable at all times, and it might be a sign of ‘tech fatigue’

Gen Z women are less optimistic about technology's ability to positively impact them than millennials, according to a new study.

$7 billion hedge fund WorldQuant hosted a competition for women quants. Now it’s hiring 50 of the contestants as research consultants.

The competition, co-sponsored by women's tech and finance advocacy groups, was organized to provide more opportunities for women in finance.
Sylvia Acevedo credits her career success to her early years as a Girl Scout.

The Girl Scouts have gone from baking and sewing to cybersecurity and financial literacy

Sylvia Acevedo grew up as a Girl Scout and was named CEO of the organization in 2017 after working as a rocket scientist for NASA and engineer for IBM. She introduced new Girl Scout badges, including for programming robots and cybersecurity mastery.
In 1980, Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo was told she couldn't receive a promotion because she was a woman.

A rocket scientist-turned-CEO proved her boss wrong early in her career by booking a ticket to Latin America — and got herself a promotion

The CEO of Girl Scouts wasn't always surrounded by women in her career. In fact, being a woman almost held Sylvia Acevedo back from getting a promotion — until she proved her boss wrong.