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Popular men’s underwear brand Tommy John launched a women’s line after customers used Facebook to beg the brand to expand — and the ...

Tommy John continues to deliver with a line of women's underwear that doesn't bunch, roll, pill, or show lines. Here's our review.
The Day Glove in rose.

Everlane’s $115 Day Glove flats look and feel like they cost a lot more, and they’re currently on sale for 25% off — here’s what we ...

With upgrades like ventilation holes and a longer upper that moves with you, these are the most comfortable flats we've worn yet — even after a year of wear.

M.M.LaFleur and Universal Standard are lending their clothes for free to any women running for public office — from town council to the House of...

To take some of the stress and expense out of running for office for female candidates, these retail companies are loaning out their clothes for free.
Cuup's The Plunge ($68) is my favorite bra at the moment, and one of the intimates brands I'm most excited to watch this year.

I finally found a supportive, unlined bra for larger cup sizes, and I wear it with everything

I've been wearing Cuup's $68 The Plunge for the last four months — it's a sleek, sheer, mesh V-neck bra that offers enough support for everyday wear.

Harper Wilde makes affordable bras in sizes up to 42F — we had 4 women in a range of sizes test them

Harper Wilde makes some of the most comfortable basic bras we've tested at Insider Reviews. Here are our thoughts on a few of its best styles.

Rent the Runway just launched a new subscription option that lets members rent 8 items per month for $135

Rent the Runway just released a new membership option called the 2 Swaps Plan that lets subscribers order 4 items at a time twice per month for $135.

Everlane’s new 40-Hour Flat is polished, professional and sleek — but we still love the Day Glove more

Three women tried The 40-Hour Flat, and we like it, but it hasn't dethroned the comfort and practicality of the Day Gloves.
1901 combines vintage American prep with updated prints and colors.

Your guide to all 19 of Nordstrom’s in-house brands

Nordstrom has 19 in-house brands that make everything from trendy activewear to nice suits for relatively low prices. Here's a guide to them all.

I put 5 of Everlane’s bestselling shoes to the test in NYC and ranked them by comfort level

I wore all five of Everlane's bestselling shoes to give you the inside scoop on which styles are not to be missed, and which are going to require days of break-in time.

Everlane’s $50 work pants compete with pairs that are 4 times the price — here’s how they’ve held up to a year of wear

This $50 pair of work pants from Everlane is a remarkably good value. The fit is flattering, the shape is modern, and the material is stretchy.