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It's all about looking "effortless" in the tech world.

The Silicon Valley stylist who charges $2,000 or more to make techies look effortless says Rolexes are ‘gaudy’ and recommends a watch for ...

Silicon Valley is famous for its unofficial, laid-back dress code. Stylist Victoria Hitchcock is on-hand to help tech employees cultivate a look that's casual but polished. Keep reading to find out some of her secrets for making her clients look polished — but not too polished.
Work clothes for both men and women have certainly changed a lot since the 1950s.

THEN AND NOW: The progression of work fashion from the 1950s to today

Work clothes have changed quite a bit since the 1950s. Generally, our workplace style has become considerably less formal. Let's look back in time to see how office workers used to dress from decade to decade.
You don't have to spend a fortune on your work clothes.

Here’s exactly how much money you should spend on your work wardrobe

Figuring out how to budget your clothes spending can be tricky. How much you should spend on clothes depends on how much you make, but you ought to spend a little more if you're creating a totally new work wardrobe.
Many employees are enjoying less formal attire as millennials step into the workplace.

Office dress codes are getting more and more casual — but there are 5 things you can never get away with

Gone are the days of wearing suits to work — employees are enjoying less formal attire as millennials step into the workplace. Although your idea of casual clothing may include athleisure or ripped jeans, you shouldn’t wear these to work.
I wear pretty much the same thing every day, and it's made me more productive.

I’ve been wearing the same ‘work uniform’ every day for over a year — here’s how it makes me more productive

Work uniforms are more common than you realize — plenty of people wear suits every day. Having a work uniform can save you the stress and money of choosing and buying work clothes. Here’s why I wear basically the same thing every day.