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CVS employees started a petition demanding paid sick leave and protective gear.

CVS clarifies its worker policies after more than 1,700 employees sign a petition demanding paid sick leave, face masks, and gloves as stores are over...

CVS clarified its workplace policies after employees petitioned for paid sick leave and protective gear during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kroger is giving its employees $25 worth of groceries for their hard work amid the coronavirus — but most of them still don’t get paid sic...

The country's largest grocer does not offer paid sick leave for all employees except those who have contracted the virus or are in quarantine.

Target is offering up to 14 days of paid time off for workers in quarantine and those confirmed with coronavirus

Target is also waiving absences to support employees who feel too sick to come into work or who need to take care of their family.
Uber and Lyft drivers protest in support of California Assembly Bill 5.

AB5 GUIDE: California’s new contractor bill is shaking up the gig economy. Here’s everything businesses and freelancers need to know about...

AB5 puts a stricter definition on 'independent contractor.' Here's what business owners and other California workers need to know about the new rule.
Retail workers making minimum wage often work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Full-time retail jobs have all but disappeared over the last decade, and workers have to get ‘2, 3, sometimes even 4 part-time jobs just to get ...

Retail work is not nearly as lucrative or steady as it was a decade ago, and retailers' cost-cutting employment practices are largely to blame.

The GM autoworker strike is entering into its 4th week. Here are 10 of the most impactful strikes in history — for better or worse.

Withholding labor is one of the most powerful things working people can do. Here's the strikingly long history, dating back to before Ancient Rome.
The US offers few protections for its workers.

7 mind-blowing facts that show why employment in the US is the worst in the developed world

The US does not require that companies give breaks for lunch or coffee. Italy and China, meanwhile, offer 2 hours of lunch break.
Amazon canceled its move to New York.

Thousands of Amazon workers across Europe and the US are striking and protesting on Prime Day

Amazon workers in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and Poland are protesting on Prime Day, Amazon's busiest shopping event of the year.

Former top executives at France’s largest communication company could face jail time after 35 employees killed themselves

After 35 employees died by suicide, the former leaders of France Télécom, now known as Orange, could face jail time over accusations of a toxic working environment.