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How long are your afternoon naps? It shouldn’t be more than 30mins, an expert on BBC’s The Science of Sleep says

You also shouldn't be sacrificing sleep to shop online, because you might end up buying more things that you don't actually need.

How to become a Zoom power user and prevent every video call from descending into hellish cacophony

The video-conferencing software Zoom is everywhere these days. Here are ten tips for how to use it like a pro.
Alain Hunkins.

3 ways to cut through brain fog and stress onset by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a productivity expert

Alain Hunkins has coached leadership at Walmart and Microsoft. He says upgrading these three daily habits will boost productivity and reduce stress.
Therapist Mark Loewen, his husband Leo, and their daughter Zoe.

Here’s a look at how a therapist set up his daily schedule and his home office so he can conduct private, sensitive meetings with patients while...

Mark Loewen has been working from home since March, along with his husband and daughter. Here's how he is balancing it all.
Ending a remote internship during a pandemic can feel awkward, but there are ways to leave a lasting impression. The author is shown writing her final article for this site.

I finished my internship remotely. Here are 3 things I did to leave a good lasting impression.

The offboarding process of my suddenly remote internship was easy — but figuring out how to convey my thanks virtually was a little harder.
Before global lockdowns, Deutsche Bank worked with customers in person. Now, they're creating and adjusting to a new way of banking.

Here’s how Deutsche Bank figured out working from home for employees, and banking from home for customers

Deutsche Bank moved its global staff of 90,000 to remote working and adapted to its customers staying home by coming up with new banking systems.
If you're company isn't reacting responsibly, there are steps you can take.

Ask a Manager’s Alison Green on what to do if your company or boss isn’t taking the coronavirus seriously

One of the most effective things you can do is band together with other coworkers, and push back as a group.
Melissa Petro and her husband Arran.

My husband and I started couples therapy just before the COVID-19 outbreak — here’s why counseling is more important than ever if you̵...

I walk away from each session — even the difficult ones — with a feeling of "we're in this together."
Chris Litster.

I’m a CEO whose team has become closer than ever while working remotely. Here are 3 lessons I’ll be bringing back to the office when we re...

Working remotely has brought us closer together, and we should apply that to bolster working in-person, writes Buildium CEO Chris Litster.
Zoom has become a popular tool for employers looking to boost company culture.

REMOTE RESOURCES: The best guides to creating a virtual office culture that makes employees feel welcome and part of the team

From Zoom happy hours to virtual retreats, these are some of the most impactful ways employers are cultivating positive company cultures from home.