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Winnie co-founders, Sara Mauskopf and Anne Halsall

Here’s the pitch deck that raised millions for 2 ex Googlers whose startup helps new millennial parents find childcare

Millennials are having kids and trying to balance work and parenting. This startup saw an opportunity to help by creating a way to find reliable childcare.

Ohmyhome’s Race and Rhonda Wong are mums to toddlers, but they aren’t aiming for a work-life balance – here’s why

"We only have one-and-a-half hours with our kids every day, and those are on our lucky days."
Prince Harry wants to be a "modern dad."

Meghan Markle just gave birth and Prince Harry will reportedly take 2 weeks of paternity leave to be a ‘modern dad.’ Here’s why that...

Prince Harry is a dad and is reportedly taking two weeks of paternity leave. A growing body of evidence suggests how important paternity leave is.
People responded to the post saying the author was shaming working mothers.

A Facebook post has gone viral for suggesting career women only make microwave meals and have no time for intimacy with their husbands

Facebook page 'The Transformed Wife' shared a flowchart supposedly comparing the lives of stay at home mums and those who have careers.
Goldman Sachs isn't the first company to establish this benefit.

Goldman Sachs is joining major companies like Twitter in giving employees a valuable perk: the ability to ship breast milk

Goldman Sachs is the latest company to offer working moms a new perk: the ability to ship breast milk while traveling for business. Twitter, IBM, EY, and Zillow are four other companies that previously introduced the benefit to their employees.
See which states topped the list.

The 15 best US states for working moms

Mother's Day is upon us. WalletHub looked into which places in the United States are the most welcoming toward working moms, based on a range of factors like childcare costs, the gender pay gap, and parental leave policies.
These companies offer so much more than paid time off.

15 of the best companies for working moms

These companies offer moms some of the most competetive perks including paid time off, flexible working arrangements, backup childcare, and mentoring programs.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders opens up about being a working mom of 3 young kids, says Trump’s agenda will help women like her

"As a working mom, it's not lost on me what a great honor and privilege it is to stand here at the podium," the press secretary told reporters at a briefing.

5 things working moms say they want from their employers

For companies looking to keep some of their best employees satisfied, this mommy manifesto can help.

9 scientific ways having a child influences your success

Becoming a parent may make you miserable and send your career careening into the abyss — then again, it may not.