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Lee Spencer, 49, rowed from Europe to South America.

A retired Royal Marine and amputee just rowed solo across the Atlantic in 60 days, shattering the previous record

Former Royal Marine Lee Spencer, 49, broke the previous Atlantic crossing record. He said he barely slept on the journey.
Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, is a remote Chilean territory in the South Pacific.

In a world first, a woman just swam around Easter Island, logging more than 39 miles in 19 hours without any help from fins or boats

South African swimmer Sarah Ferguson said circling Easter Island was the toughest swim she has ever completed.
Alan Eustace broke the record for longest free fall in 2014, but he says he's no daredevil, this was pure engineering at work.

A 57-year-old Google engineer performed the highest human free-fall, jumping from 135,890 feet up in the stratosphere. A documentary now on Netflix re...

Alan Eustace wants everyone to be able to see the stratosphere. He doesn't plan to return himself, though, since he says his wife would divorce him.
A tree belonging to a Hawaiian farmer produces avocados which weigh over 6lbs each.

A farmer in Hawaii is growing record-sized avocados that weigh as much as a newborn baby

The avocados weigh over 6lbs each and are thought to be the biggest and heaviest in the world.
O'Brady was once told he'd never walk normally again. Now he's a triathlete who just became the first person to trek across Antarctica alone, and without help.

The 33-year-old who crossed Antarctica alone once got horrific burns at a Thai beach party — and he says it’s the reason he sets world rec...

Colin O'Brady had always been athletic and assumed he always would be. Until a fiery disaster struck.
Colin O'Brady just became the first person to complete a solo trek across Antarctica, with no kite or re-supply help. He says he woke up every morning and told himself "you're strong, you're capable."

The 33-year-old American who just became the first person to cross Antarctica alone says 2 simple mantras were crucial to his success

Colin O'Brady relied on ancient, science-backed mind-training techniques to become the first person to cross Antarctica, solo and unaided.
Wim Hof, who holds a Guinness world record for the longest amount of time swimming under ice, immersed himself in ice water in Hong Kong on December 29, 2010.

A fitness guru who goes by ‘Iceman’ says exposure to extreme temperatures is a lifesaving third pillar of physical health

Diet and exercise are important, but some people are embracing a third pillar of fitness: cold stress. Dutch athlete Wim Hof is an expert.
Colin O'Brady is at the South Pole, attempting to complete a solo journey that no one has ever survived.

An American adventurer has become the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided. His training included Buddhist retreats and a 400-mile trek ...

Colin O'Brady has become the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided. To train, he meditated, lifted weights, and skied in Greenland.
Colin O'Brady practiced for his trek by pulling heavy sleds in Greenland.

A 33-year-old American just became the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided. He survived on oatmeal, freeze-dried meals, and energy bars...

Colin O'Brady just became the first person to cross Antarctica alone with no resupply. He carried 220 pounds of food and ate the same meals every day.

Elon Musk beat a world record for rocket launches in 2018. Here’s every history-making SpaceX mission of the year.

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, may see 21 successful orbital rocket launches in 2018. This would break the commercial world launch record set in 2017.