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Superyacht Equanimity has room for 22 passengers and 31 crew members.

Take a look inside the glitzy, 300-foot superyacht involved in the 1MDB scandal that’s now on the market at a $120 million discount

Malaysian authorities are trying to sell the superyacht Equanimity, a 300-foot yacht complete with helipad and swimming pool, for $130 million.
Elandess took home four awards.

Take a look inside the 7-cabin superyacht with an underwater lounge that was just named best in class for interior and exterior design

Take a look inside one of the year's most impressive superyachts, Elandess, which earned four awards at the Boat International Design Awards.
The Irisha won the award for Best Exterior Styling for Motor Yachts 40m to 59m.

Take a look at the 14 superyachts with the best interior and exterior design in 2019

Boat International recently unveiled the winners from the 2019 Boat International Design & Innovation Awards — take a look at this year's winners.
Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert.

Sears chairman Eddie Lampert has a net worth of $1 billion — from a $130 million yacht to a home on ‘billionaire bunker’ island, her...

Sears chairman Eddie Lampert was kidnapped in 2003, and after being held captive for 30 hours, he managed to negotiate his way to freedom.
A photo of Party Girl super-yacht.

Take a look at 11 of the most luxurious yachts coming to the biggest boat show in the US

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will be hosted this year from October 31 to November 4.
Today's families are wealthier than ever before.

The rich are richer than they’ve ever been — and it’s reflected in the private help they hire for their families, from stewards for ...

The needs of wealthy families have evolved drastically since the 1960s, with roles such as estate managers and stewards for yachts growing in popularity.
Yachters just want to relax.

A yacht designer dishes on the ‘ultimate luxury’ that businesspeople are now looking for on their custom-designed yachts

Yacht trends are changing. More and more, people who order custom-made yachts no longer want offices onboard. Increasingly, travelers just want to relax during when on their superyachts.
The Illusion Plus is nearly 300 feet long.

This $145 million superyacht just won a major award for its ultra-luxurious interior at the Monaco Yacht Show – here’s a look inside

The Illusion Plus superyacht by Pride Mega Yachts has won the Monaco Yacht Show award for interior design, which "recognizes the beauty, comfort and functionality of the exceptional interior." The 290-foot superyacht comes with a gymnasium, two Jacuzzis pools, a helipad, a spa, and a beauty salon.
Millennial superyacht owners have different priorities.

Millennial superyacht owners are on the rise — and their preference for experiences over things may be turning yachting into a ride-sharing serv...

Superyacht owners are getting younger. According to the Monaco Yacht Show, millennial superyacht owners prefer experiences over material possessions, adventure and socializing over luxurious comfort, and chartering over ownership. Here's how they may be changing yachting.
It will cost you at least $2,070 a night to stay at the Hotel Metropole in Monaco.

Inside the ultra-luxurious Monaco hotel where celebrities, millionaires, and the yachting elite stay in rooms that cost up to $41,000 per night

For celebrities and the world's wealthy elite, there's only one place to stay during Monaco's prestigious annual yacht show, and that's the Hotel Metropole in the famed Monte Carlo district. Rates start at about $2,070 a night and can cost up to $41,452 for the fanciest suite.